Water Filter Pitchers

We all know that the water from our kitchen faucet is not always clean and cannot be considered purified. It contains contaminants which can be really dangerous for our health. However, most people who drink tap water ensure that they boil it first to remove the bacteria and make it safe to drink.

Boiling water is considered safe from contamination and bacteria. To kill microorganisms and germs, simply bring water to a boil. It also becomes safe from viruses and protozoans that cause disease. Not only that, boiling water is an efficient method of purification.

According to Consumer Reports of 2019, Water Quality Survey declared that almost half of the Americans put water to boil before drinking it. But the most significant problem people had with boiling water was its unpleasant taste and foul odor.

Are Water Filters Effective?

Another survey revealed that aside from built-in water filters in refrigerators, people consider pitcher-style filters the best. One of the main reasons for that is its cost-effectiveness. They are also considered to be better at removing contaminants and fluoride from water.

Pitcher-style filters are also very convenient to use. They only need to be filled from the tap, and then the water flows through the cartridge. Another type of water filter is the activated carbon filter, which is also known as pre-filters. It is responsible for removing the larger particles from the water.

To know if the water filter is purifying the water, simply observe its odor and taste. See how specifically it removes the smell and makes the taste better. Another report addresses the same issue. Here, they conducted a practical. They gathered professional water tasters and gave them a few common compounds to smell first, such as metal, damp soil, sewage treatment plants, the water of swimming pools, etc.

In that practical, the professionals declared that the water filter pitchers are effective and work well. The tasters also ranked different pitchers according to their choice and experience. One of the professionals said that some of the brands could have been more effective than low-quality brands.

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Moreover, this article will explain a few important things related to water filter pitchers.

Filtration in Pitchers Take Time:

Most water filter pitchers might look alike but do outperform filtration in the same amount of time. Although the survey was successful and effective, one thing that was observed was the time taken for the filtration process. 

Some pitchers took about two to three minutes, while others took about fifteen minutes to complete the procedure. The manufacturers that created the filter for the longest time claim it to be the most effective. Whereas the manufacturers of filters that took the shortest time to filter credit the advanced technology.

The flow rate may concern your family if you have a busy household. However, putting the pitcher in the fridge to get it chilled is also reasonable.

Know What to Actually Filter:

Most people use water filter pitchers only to eliminate bad taste and odor. Others ensure that all the contaminants from their water, such as heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides, are removed.

The water pipelines in apartments and the plumbing in your house also affect the quality of water. Some houses have lead-free pipes installed. You’ll also check if the lead is coming out in the water. It surely needs to be filtered, then. Although there is no easy way to observe lead in wit's, waterbetter to purify your tap water every time.

The lead particles in water lead to various diseases such as slower growth, hypertension, reduced kidney function, anemia, hearing problems, reproductive problems in adults, etc.

You can also send your water for a lab test to your nearest local health department. It will cost you a few bucks but surely save you and others from additional problems.

All Water Filters Are Not The Same:

Once you understand the need to purify water from all its harmful contents, look for a pitcher that filters out the specific contaminants you're looking for. Look for a pitcher with a certification mark on its packaging stating the impurities it filters.

There are only a few filters that remove lead and volatile organic compounds. If someone recommends any filter pitcher, check its packaging and whether it's mentioned over there or not.

As mentioned above in the article, most pitchers only remove foul odor and sour taste, while some pitchers leave a terrible smell while removing contaminants. The reason is that tap water contains hidden smells that are released after filtration. You may need to research and get a more comprehensive filtration system for this.

When to Replace the Filter manufacturers will tell you when to change the filter. Generally, the filter needs changing every two months or 40 gallons. The changing guidelines are also mentioned step by step. The activated charcoal has a finite capacity that traps dirt and germs. It stops working after a certain period, usually two months.
Filters also get clogged easily because of contaminants and dust particles. The guide will also tell you how to remove and wash off those clogged particles. If you still observe that cleaning the filter was ineffective, then know it's it's time to replace it. However, some pitchers have a filter-life indicator that tells you the right time to change it.

So, finally, we conclude that it is accessible to filter out the dangerous compounds and chemicals that come from tap waters. The filters are compelling enough to eliminate the evil and odd smell from your water and a strange taste. Also, the results of the practical tests show that most filters do an excellent job of purifying and filtering.

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