Knee Replacement

Knee implants are required if a person cannot walk correctly or go about their daily routine healthily because of conditions like severe knee arthritis. Knee replacements are, after all, made of materials that are not present usually present in your body, like ceramic, plastic, or metal. As with everything that moves, knee implants also go through a lot of wear and tear. Over time, these materials start to degrade. Many studies have been conducted in world-renowned medical institutions to determine how long knee implants would last. You would be happy to know that knee replacement implants usually last at least 20 years in a typical patient, though some patients have used them for much longer. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to go for knee replacement surgeries.

What factors affect the longevity of the knee replacement and the implant?

The knee replacement success rate is dependent on a lot of things. Most of these also affect knee replacement and implant longevity. Some of these factors are:

The material used for the knee replacement implant:

The content that goes into your knee replacement is an essential thing. It plays one of the most important roles when it comes to determining the life of the knee implant. With an effective and robust implant, you can experience everyday life activities quickly. As discussed, the implant's wear and tear is associated with the patient's daily walking. Some materials, like plastic, have more wear and tear when compared to other materials, like metal. Most materials used for knee implants are now very advanced and can last the patient for many decades without having any significant problems. The cost of a knee implant in India also mainly depends on the patient's chosen material.

Levels of physical activity:

Some people have different levels of physical activity. Some people are more active than others. This is also an essential factor in the longevity of a knee replacement implant. More engaged people, who move around more, jog, run, take part in sports and other physical activities, trekking, and so on, will have more wear and tear than people with a more relaxed lifestyle. As wear and tear are what majorly determines the life of knee implants, people with higher levels of physical activity may see that their implants are wearing off quicker than others.

Because all the knee implants for replacement surgery are made of superior-quality materials, even people with very active lifestyles find that their implants last for decades, giving them a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

Some studies have shown that even with active lifestyles, 92% of people have a knee implant life of more than 20 years! Isn’t that wonderful! This is also one of the reasons people prefer knee replacement surgery for a long-term result. The knee implant cost in India is very affordable which is suitable for every kind of patient from all over the world. So even if you require another one, it will not be a massive issue for your pocket.

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