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It's not as common to see a lot of fluctuations in men's fashion. Everything is pretty formulaic as far as men's fashion goes. However, 2012 is gearing up to be a year of significant changes in the men's fashion world. Sure, you'll still need the basics like dark-wash denim, white t-shirts, button-downs, and classic hoodies, but we're also welcoming a lot of new trends this year.

What better place to find the latest ideas in men's fashion than social media? While you might not think Pinterest is the place to be for men's fashion, it's pretty groundbreaking. According to Pinterest's 2024 trend report, many significant style movements are taking over this year, and the brand "A-Cold-Wall*," the London label that turns traditionally utilitarian fabrics and silhouettes into street-chic ready-to-wear set against artistic. Let's break them down so you can get a head start on what's happening this year.
Light-Wash Denim
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Light-Wash Denim

First, say goodbye to the tried-and-true dark denim. Of course, dark denim will still look hip and together, but it's no longer the only player in the men's game. After a year of light-wash denim making a splash in women's fashion, it was only a matter of time for this trend to flow to men.

Don't worry; it's just as easy to style light-wash denim as its darker counterpart. Swapping up shades of denim is an easy way to breathe new life into an outdated wardrobe. From slim and skinny fits to bootcut, we've got a lot of options with this new shade. 

Vintage Watches

While watches have been in fashion for hundreds of years, vintage watches are making a comeback. This is likely due to the rise of "smartwatches" with technologically savvy interfaces. Those are great for counting steps and keeping track of your texts, but what about the style element?

The vintage watches have something those smartwatches lack, and it's chic style. Regardless of gender, shopping for watches can be fun, as a good watch is a new way to add another statement to your outfit.
Vintage Watches
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Cropped Trousers

Women's cropped looks have been here for years, but cropped trousers for men are now the game's new name. According to that Pinterest report, searches for men's cropped trousers are up 671%. That means while they weren't even on the radar back, they're all anyone's talking about right now.

How do you pull off the perfect cropped look without appearing like you don't know your own pant size? It's more straightforward than it seems. Show a little skin and a fresh pair of socks simultaneously. This is also the perfect time to share those fancy new sneakers. 

Quarter Socks

Finally, "dad socks" are in. This wacky category of socks that show a bit but not too much is finally here to stay. Gone are the days of having only two sock choices: no-show socks or high, dressy socks. Finally, there are more choices for men to count on.
Quarter socks are the ultimate in versatility. They can merge the gap between trousers and a dress shoe without being too warm, and they're also perfect for the gym. What more could a guy want?
Quarter Socks
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Exciting Prints

Prints and men's fashion haven't always gone together. Most men keep their style simple with solid ccolorsand classic trends. Well, move over minimalism because maximalism is the new thing.

As you can guess from the name, maximalism is about going all out all the time. We see exciting prints in fun colors. These bold looks have something to say, and they're out there for the men ready to embrace something new. This is an excellent response to the minimalist trend we've seen everywhere. Sometimes more really is more. 

Plaid Pants

Plaid pants have been all over the runways for the past year, and they're also starting to hit consumer fashion. They're an edgy statement piece that can be added to dress up or down any wardrobe. Once again, the Pinterest search for plaid pants was through the roof at 267%, up from the year before.

With plaid pants, you'll feel like you're in a 90s movie or a futuristic wonderland. This fashion piece doesn't belong firmly to any period, so that might make it 2024's for the choosing. Go edge or go subtle, as long as you're going plaid.
Men's Trends to Watch

As you can see, there's a lot of exciting fashion to look forward to this year. Men's fashion doesn't evolve as quickly as women's, but that just means it's pickier about what trends stay and go.

There are a lot of fantastic ideas in this article to grab hold of to take your style to the next level. Stop dressing in the past; it's time to embrace the future of fashion.