Hotels are known for having a place to lay your head at night when you’re away from home, but it doesn’t have to be just that. There are perks and discounts available for hotel guests, and most times you’ll only have to ask. Some are well-known and others not so much. Whether you’re staying in a 2-star or a 4-star hotel, you can take advantage of these 10 tips and tricks for making the most out of your hotel stay.

1. Room Upgrades

Room Upgrades

The best way to get the most out of your hotel stay is to ask for an upgraded room at check-in or even a couple days before your arrival. Accoring to hotel f├╝ssen Politeness is key. The nicer you are the better chance there is the hotel staff will be accommodating with your request. Don’t forget to mention if you’re in town for a special occasion. Sometimes hotels want to make your stay even more special if you’re celebrating. Also, loyalty members are accommodated even more. Staff can see guests’ status and reoccurring visits and will treat these guests, accordingly, making room upgrades even easier to obtain.

2. Corner Rooms

Corner Rooms

If you don’t want to have a full upgrade, but want a slightly bigger room, request a corner room. Every corner room in a hotel is guaranteed to be bigger than the standard rooms. No need to feel crammed during your hotel stay if you don’t have to. Corner rooms typically offer a better view and a larger bathroom. You can also expect minimal noise since only one side shares a room.

3. Going Up

Going Up

Did you know that a room on the higher floors can improve your stay? These rooms are great for beautiful views of the skyline. It’s been known that larger party groups are booked on the lower levels, so noise levels will be at a minimal the higher up you go. Also, the further from the ground floor you are, statistically speaking, the safer you are.

4. Loyalty Matters

Loyalty Matters

Hotel loyalty programs offer members cheaper rates and free cancellations. The additional perks offered for loyalty are great. Members can receive free WiFi, discounts at property restaurants, early check-in and late check-out, free breakfast, VIP treatment for occasions and redeem earned points for free stays. As your status grows in the program, you will gain recognition when checking in at future stays. Being a part of a hotel’s loyalty program can elevate your stay, and it’s free to you.

5. Forget Something

Forget Something

If you forget your hair straightener or phone charger, it can seem like it’s the end of the world. Did you know you could borrow these items at hotels? Not only can you expect to use in-room irons and hair dryers, but depending on the hotel chain, you can also request umbrellas, game consoles and gym clothes. In a pinch, you can use resources from sites like Wrinkle Free Steamer to learn how to iron or to steam your clothes fast and effectively. Being able to count on the hotel creates a stress-free stay. Hotels also offer hygiene products you may have forgotten too; such as razors and toothbrushes.

6. Cheap Stays

Cheap Stays

Hotels offer great rates, but the trick is they seem to fluctuate often. Research will be your best friend. To find the best rates you can physically call and ask for the best rate, check the rates directly on the hotel’s site or use a site like Priceline, that gathers all the hotels in the selected area you plan to stay and gives their going rates. Coupons and discounts could be another option. For example, Marriott coupons are available for up to 20% off online. You’ll just have to search for these great offers.

7. Feel Secure

Feel Secure

If you don’t want housekeeping to come in your room, just slip the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door when you leave. You won’t have to worry about anyone being in your room or touching your items because of this trick. For extra security, put your valuables in the hotel room safe. An extra measure of security is to not display the “Clean Room” sign. This allows not only housekeeping, but others to know you are out of your room.

8. Binge Watch

Binge Watch

All you need is a TV with an HDMI input, an HDMI cord and laptop then you have access to your favorite subscription service. Most hotels offer free WiFi with your stay where you’ll be able to log-in to your account. Just because you aren’t in your home doesn’t mean you have to give up that new guilty pleasure of yours. Sometimes cable just doesn’t have what you want to watch.

9. Included Freebies

Included Freebies

Hotels offer many free items that many guests don’t know are offered. To find out what you may be missing out on, just ask the front desk staff. Examples of freebies offered are daily newspapers, water bottles and slippers. Sometimes there are complimentary treats like cookies and amenities; such as, bicycles. But don’t forget to take those little soaps and shampoos, those little samples are yours for the taking.

10. On-Site Amenities

On-Site Amenities

There are discounts and perks for hotel guests. If you’re looking for a relaxing spa experience, just ask what discounts they’re running for guests. It’s been said that morning appointment are cheaper as the calendars are as booked. Besides spas, hotels have golfing, biking and other amenities that could be discounted for guests. Also, if you have an early check-out and your flight doesn’t leave until later, you can stay and enjoy the pool while you wait. All you’ll have to do is let the front desk know, and they should be more than willing to assist.

These 10 tips and tricks on making the most of your hotel stay can take your mediocre trip and make it a happy, memorable one. The easiest way to make the most of your stay is to simply ask what is available for hotel guests. The key is to be kind and courteous when requesting and taking advantage of these tips and tricks. Hotels like Westin Bear Mountain by Raoul Malak have much to offer and are more than willing to help their guests.