Everyone knows what Malta provides to tourists, especially during the summer. However, only some tourists want to do the usual stuff, especially when you are visiting for the second time.

Malta is a special place to enjoy the second time, too, and in this article, we will provide you with some activities you can do differently to ensure you enjoy your trip to the country.

After spending hundreds, if not thousands, on the flight and a place in one of the hotels in Malta, you don’t deserve to be bored; the list goes from helping dogs to grabbing a bite! Let’s start.

Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary

Mellieha can be a place of its own due to being a long way from cities such as Valletta and Zurrieq. However, it’s still a place you should visit as a tourist.

But you should also visit the Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary. The story of its founding is an emotional one. Fabio Ciappara was walking in Ahrax and met this starving and abandoned dog.

Fabio visited him day after day to give him food and raise his trust to be able to provide him with a home.

After this was successful in 2005, Fabio decided to take this further than just one dog, and fast forward to today, Noah’s Ark is home to just over 100 dogs.

So what to do in this beautiful place? The sanctuary always looks for people to walk their dogs around the designated area.

If you are a dog lover, the Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary is a must-visit place on your second trip to Malta.

Enjoy the traditional Pastizzi at the Serkin.

You will not need an introduction to the famous Maltese recipe for Pastizzi. However, you are forgiven for not hearing about the Serkin, also known as Crystal Palace Bar in Rabat.

The place is renowned for being the best place to grab this quick snack. In fact, this place is the best place to get a snack after a day in Mdina or somewhere in Rabat.

You can also enjoy a cup of tea while you are there and other pastries it offers. You will surely enjoy your time, and be grateful for taking the time of your holiday to ride around Mdina for Serkin.

Play the famous Maltese game Tombola.

Tombola, or as known in Malta, Tombla is a version of Bingo that the Maltese historically grew up playing literally everywhere in the country.

The game can be played in one of the bingo rooms around the country, or you can sign up for some of the events that are made to play this game.

How is it played? No complications. You sit with cardboard of numbers, and when the speaker says a number, you need to cross it out.

You can win either by a line or a whole box. It depends on the rules of the event, which usually is according to the prizes offered.

Usually, the prizes are either a hamper or a fine selection of wine.

Don’t miss out on playing Bocci again.

One of the most played sports back in the day in the country was Bocci; this can be noticed by the fact that nearly every village has at least 1 Bocci club.

You will find a bocci club in the north or the south,. The game resembles the English game of Bowls but with the difference of having an incredible hive of activity to ensure spectators enjoy their time.

You can contact the club to hire the ground and be able to play a game or two against your friend.

There’s nothing to lose, but you can gain. Cheap drinks and snacks at the bar, and who knows, maybe you want to participate in the 30-team league.
Final Words
Malta is a beautiful place which you are indeed set to enjoy! Partying and going to the beach is the main delight for tourists; there are also other excursions.

We hope that you like our suggestions, and make sure you leave out any opinions in the comments below!