The most common device to break inside a house is the toilet. Everyone uses the toilet so it’s no surprise that it gets broken more often than other devices in the house. The toilet can break in several ways depending on the part. If the flush is broken, it won’t be able to flush water so the waste will remain in the bowl. If the drain is broken, the water level in the bowl will rise and the flush won't work. If the seat is broken, then it has to be replaced with a new one. So because a toilet can break in several ways, it is important to know how to handle it properly with the right solution. To repair a blocked toilet, a certified plumber is needed to avoid further damage and unnecessary costs. But in case you want to try and fix a broken toilet on your own, here is a simple instruction manual.

Your toilet has 2 major parts, the bowl and the tank. The bowl isn’t that hard because usually there are no moving parts, but the tank however contains 2 valves and a handle that lets you flush the toilet. If you know these parts well then it will be easier to fix it. In order to know which part to fix, you’ll have to know the problem first. Different problem comes with a different solution. The most common problem is a constantly running toilet. The problem in a running toilet occurs because the flapper is not seating correctly in the opening of the flush valve. Another cause is because the water level inside the tank is too high, allowing water to flow over the top of the tube and down into the tank. You can simply replace the valve and drain the water and the toilet will stop running.

Another common problem is a loose flush handle. When a flush handle becomes loose or disconnected, you just have to reattach it to the tank. All you have to do is reconnect the lift wire that connects the arm from the flapper. If that didn’t work then you can try adjusting the handle inside the tank to tighten it. Besides a loose toilet handle, leaky toilet base is also a common problem in Sydney. When this happens, all you have to do is remove the toilet to replace the wax ring because that’s usually the cause of the leak. Although there are many problems regarding the toilet, the most common and most searched fixing method is when a toilet gets blocked. Blocked toilet repairs can be done alone at home, and there are several effective methods to unblock a toilet.

You can use a plunger to take out whatever is blocking the toilet. Plungers are usually very effective when used repeatedly. If the thing blocking the toilet isn’t some huge solid material, try draining hot water inside it. Hot water can help loosen up sticky materials and improve the blockage. You can also try a DIY hanger handle to push the inside of the bowl. While pushing it, don’t forget to constantly flush the toilet to see if the method is working.