Air-Cooled Chiller Manufacturers

Air-cooled chillers are the best machines for industrial use these days. They are more efficient and save a huge amount of water from being wasted among the numerous other advantages. The air-cooled chiller systems are the present and future of cooling machines widely used by major industries such as dairy farming and plants. These chillers are designed in a way to consume less space and don’t require water in order to function. The water-based air coolers are difficult to work with and require a huge amount of water which can cause problems and a shortage of water can lead to major problems in the facility. Kyabram Refrigeration is top quality chiller manufacturers which are great for industrial use and require less maintenance compared to other products. The company also helps set up the machine to specific requirements which helps prevent any risks and avoids time wastage.

The company also produces cool room equipment of premium quality. Here are various reasons to choose them. The company knows exactly which cool room refrigeration equipment is required for the client’s specific needs. Their experts can design and build cool rooms at affordable prices according to their requirements. They also support the clients in the installation process which helps avoid maintenance and repair risks, to begin with.

Premium Quality

The company does not compromise the quality of their product in any way. They are the top cool room manufacturers in Australia and can design & build cool rooms using the most durable and reliable materials that can help benefit the client. They make sure to deliver the client with top quality product that gives exceptional results.


The company manufactures custom cool rooms as per the client’s budget and requirement without compromising its quality. The staff they have is innovative and up to the challenge. They believe in complete customer satisfaction and give the client an opportunity to explore and choose multiple options when it comes to design, size and add-on accessories.

Exceptional results

The company can be completely trusted to provide exceptional results. Their team of highly skilled and trained designers makes the perfect design which is then capitalized on. The rest of the team makes sure to install and maintain all types of cool room and refrigeration facilities. The durability of their product is also unmatched as the quality standards set by them are high. The company focuses on performance, efficiency, and quality to provide exceptional results at affordable prices.

Such major companies focus on customers and deliver on their promises. The machines are great for long-term usage and keep the customers satisfied for years that help get more clients and business. Not just the manufacturing part, the company provides top-class after service. It is required in order to support the client with any problems or issues they might encounter during the long-term.

Here are the type of cool rooms they offer.

  • Standard stock size trailers which are:
  • 2400 (8’) x 1500 (5’) x 2100 (7’)
  • 1800 (6’) x 1200 (4’) x 2100(7’
Standard specs: 75mm polystyrene panel system, Aluminium chequer plate floor, 1900 x 800mm hinged door (rear), Stainless steel meat rail (option)
Refrigeration System: 300 kg cap. meat with a frequent door opening. Designed for Australia’s summer conditions of 46 Deg C ambient temperature. 1 1/8 HP Condensing Unit. R404 Refrigerant.
Trailer: Tandem Axle. Mechanical braking system on the front axle. Jockey wheel. Lights and Wiring. Spare wheel and mount. Good Condition Second-hand wheels and tyres.

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