Radiesse or Restylane

Dermal fillers have become popular in the beauty market relatively recently. But even over this time, they have managed to gain the customers' approval. Such preparations as Radiesse and Restylane deserve special consideration. We will look at what their specific characteristics are, and which product is worth choosing.


This volumizer is a unique skin filler. Its basic constituent is calcium hydroxyapatite. The composition makes it easy to provide lifting of the entire face and make long-term correction of wrinkles of any depth and size. The product stimulates the production of your own collagen.

Radiesse is used to restore youthfulness and beauty of the skin of the face. It replenishes the lost volume in areas where it is necessary, smoothes out wrinkles and stimulates collagen production. There is a wide range of indications for the product use.

How the Treatment Proceeds

The duration of the session is half an hour or an hour and there is no pain. There are no undesired side effects, so the patient can resume his or her usual activities almost immediately. The correction should be carried out by a specially trained doctor who has the appropriate quality certificate.

How the Composition Works

The product contains microspheres of synthetic origin. These particles are obtained from the grains of the source component, the size of which is less than a micron. The grain elements are joined together through high temperature processing. The preparation initiates the growth of the patient's own tissues and remains under the skin for a long time, which ensures a long-lasting effect.


The brand Restylane is designed for contour plasty procedures – a modern way to improve the appearance of the face. It is an implant that is capable of retaining moisture in the area of injection. The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid. It is a physiological element that is found in the tissues of the human body. It is used to provide the skin with good characteristics and makes it resilient, elastic and smooth over a long period of time.

The effect lasts depending on the patient's lifestyle, age and individual peculiarities of his or her health. After the procedure, you should refrain from visiting the sauna and bathhouse. You should not go to the swimming-pool or stay in the direct sunlight either. It is also prohibited to take antibiotics. On average, the effect remains for 12-18 months.

How the Treatment Proceeds

Avoid taking antibiotics 2 weeks prior to the scheduled use of the product. It is also forbidden to take anticoagulants and anti-inflammatory drugs. One day before the treatment it is not recommended to drink strong tea and coffee, to use decorative cosmetics or to be exposed to stressful situations. Pre-treatment measures include cleansing the patient's skin and giving a painkiller by injection if necessary. All this requires a light massage. The list of side effects is the same as for the previous product. It is possible to buy Restylane online.

Which is Better

The list of indications and restrictions are the same for both products. The duration of the effect is practically the same. As Radiesse does not contain hyaluronic acid in the first place, unlike Restylane it offers a long-lasting effect of 12 or even 15 months.