Seiko Watches
Seiko Watches

Simplicity is one of the girls’ preference when it comes to a wristwatch. Their preferences can reflect some of their personalities, whether it is their public or private self. Some people try to know one person base on their preferred belongings.

Luckily, different brands of Seiko lukia watches introduced the leather strap type designed for women. The Seiko watches proudly present their feminine watches with different styles, sizes, and colors at a lower price. Let’s take a peek to some adorable brands offered by Seiko watches.

Seiko Lukia Chronograph SRW785P1

With leather as the strap material, this particular model offers users convenient and simple wristwatch. The usual color is silver which is made of steel.

With 3 atmospheres or commonly known as atm water or splash resistant, you can do whatever water-related activities you want including washing your hands, swimming or fishing. This specific Seiko watch is very suitable for those outdoor type of person.

Watch Central reports the importance of water resistance in watches in every user. It vitally handles watch from water exposure creating good and strong durability of your watches.

Seiko Lukia Chronograph SRW791P1

With a glass of sapphire crystal, this specific watch creates a lovable and adorable appearance. It also features quartz movement and 100 m water resistance that is very essential to watch huge users.

With the case of 36.33 mm, it is appropriate for everyone’s wrist. The silver color case makes it simpler, and yet, lovable. Assure that the case, strap, glass, everything about it will long last.

Seiko Lukia Solar Limited Edition SUT304J1

The wristwatch features rose gold as a case color which makes it stand out to some wristwatches. Well aside from that, what makes it more astonishing is the solar power function.

This particular solar watch has sustainable power generated from the sun’s energy which doesn’t require you to change your battery in case of running out.

According to the First Class Watches, the solar watch is a good opportunity to lessen or remove the risk of polluting the environment particularly the air.

Seiko Lukia Chronograph SRW842P1

Seiko is prominent with its hardlex glass, a mineral base clear glass. It’s a trademark of Seiko watches Singapore which makes it more stunning compared to some ordinary watches.

It also features 100m water resistant with a case size of 36 mm. The style is casual which can be fitted to all users’ standard. Same with the other Seiko stunning watch models, SRW842P1 also proud their chronograph feature.

Seiko Lukia Solar SUT336J1 Red Leather

Same with the SUT304J1, this Seiko watch also features solar-powered material. The red color leather strap and the 32.6 mm case size make it distinct to the mentioned model above.


Seiko watches bring overflowing joy and satisfaction to its users, creating an idealistic and convenient lifestyle. Since you already have backgrounds with the different brands as mentioned above, it will be your advantage to apply that knowledge in different shopping place.