Strongest Cannabis Strains
Do you get confused when selecting some cannabis for pleasure on the weekend? The number of currently available marijuana variants in the market is continuously increasing. New hybrids are hitting the market daily, and some old ones are disappearing. It is possible that the stuffy you smoked or vaped last month is no longer available for sale. Suppose you want to avoid such kinds of situations. In that case, it is advisable to identify some marijuana strains & concentrates that are going to stay in the market for a longer time. Some evergreen variants will never disappear from the market because of their high potency level and other post-consumption impacts on the mind. Here is a guide to identifying the best quality stuff when countless options create confusion.

Highly potent hybrid weed options

Skunk berry hybrid

Skunk berry is among the hybrids specifically meant for intoxication. As the name illustrates, it is a crossbreed between skunk & blueberry strains. The balanced fusion between these two plants created a highly potent outcome that contains around 40% of THC. This level of Tetrahydrocannabinol is enough to immerse you in euphoria in just a few puffs. It is an excellent natural remedy and a highly sedative for relaxation. It is advisable to try this while sleeping at night. Along with the flavours of its primary plants, you will also experience a citrus hit, just like lemon.

Jack’s Girl hybrid

Have you tried all kinds of weeds available in the market, but nothing seems satisfactory? This evil Jack’s girl is specifically meant for a person like you. The crossbreed between Jack Herer & Girl Scout Cookies turned into a badass strain containing 54% THC. Never try this strain if you are a beginner; otherwise, the consequences can be highly hallucinating. This one is highly sedative but also skeeps you active, which is why suitable to consume in the day. Relaxation, euphoria, sedation & energetic feeling are some post-consumption impacts that one can experience. However, it is advisable to avoid overdose because its average THC quantity is not lower than 54%.

More concentrated extracts to try


If you want something higher, how about trying hash made up of Jack’s Girl hybrid? Hash is the compressed version of dry herb. It contains highly concentrated cannabis oil that is even more potent than the bottle you buy from a marijuana dispensary. It will be a powerful dose enough to hit any expert weed smoker much harder than expected.


One step ahead from the hash, the wax is going to blow all your fuses. As the name illustrates, it is the wax extract of marijuana leaf that contains around 70-80% of Tetrahydrocannabinol. Never try it if you are a beginner. Imagine wax extracted from any of the above hybrid variants. Its potency will be almost equivalent to the purest crystals.

Whenever you buy cannabis in Canada, always prefer an authorized store if expecting 100& purity. All the options mentioned above are meant for weed lovers who have been consuming it for years. If anybody has just started marijuana consumption, it is advisable to try vaporizers containing cannabis oil & flavouring substances.