Since a long ago there has been remaining a tradition of using a roof rack. After decades the type and size have been changed but the purpose is still the same. So the 1st question is what is roof rack? Well, it is a set of railings attached to the roof of a motor car. The reason for this setup is to carry heavy and bulky items easily and safely. Roof rack provides the facility to carry your goods (products) without reducing the interior space of the vehicle. It also helps to maintain cargo area volume limits. Some roof rack has a special facility and design to carry specific cargo such as skis or luggage.

You should always ensure that your rooftop or cargo area remains dry and clean and by this, you can freely drive your vehicle in any road. Here you should keep in mind that a properly fitted roof rack will provide trouble-free service year after year and will not hamper your car. Without properly fitting or overload roof rack will harm your car soon. 

So you have to conscious about how much load your roof rack can carry. Hence most of the modern cars are designed without roof racks you have to buy it yourself. Every specific vehicle has specific roof rack available in the market.

Depending on which vehicle you have the roof rack load limit varies. The manual of your car will tell you how many loads you can safely carry on a roof rack. The roof rack manufacturer decides the highest limit of load you can carry. For that, it will batter if you discuss the roof rack manufacturers when bye one. Let’s see, the roof rack weight limits for different vehicles.

Car roof rack:  When carrying a load on the car’s roof rack you need to maintain the right regulation that the maximum length of your car plus load must not exceed 12.6m. Keep the rule to carry loads on the rack which will not extend more than 3 meters forward of the front edge of the front seat and 4 meters behind the rear axle. You can put on any load on the roof maintaining between the bars and central area and finally tie down well.

Loads in the tray of a Ute: When you will need to carry a load on the tray of a Ute you have to keep the height as low as possible. Spread the load evenly so that their heights reduce. Put heavy and large items at the bottom 1st and then tie up tightly so that your driving style doesn’t interrupt.

Motorbike load: Choose light load while riding a motorbike as most of the bikes are designed to carry the low load. Your load should not drag on the ground that’s why to tie tightly. Dragging load on the ground can cause a serious accident. So be aware of this.

So to sum up, it’s very essential to set up a roof rack properly and carry load according to its capacity. To disobey the capacity limit and unwise use can hamper your car and also there is a risk of a serious accident. So you should carefully use the roof rack and maintains the roof rack regulation to save your life and your car.