We love what we do. We believe photos are for everyone regardless of the scale. We are the center of creativity and can help you with wallpaper design you dream of. We aim is to provide an unparalleled selection of wallpaper design and patterns. We are looking forward to serving all ages and styles. We can interpret the latest trends, textures, and patterns.

We are passionate about photography, images and anything between. Our ambition is to challenge the boundaries wallpapers can do. We are offering high-quality wallpaper for free. We offer nothing but the best to inspire your creativity. Our work is in the connection we have between digital and design. This is why we can bring on-trend and remarkable wallpaper design.

We offer unique prepositions of wallpapers for all sorts of projects. And we allow users to share them at their pace. Our photographers and designers upload sketches, prints, and illustrations daily in different categories. All uploads are handpicked so that you have only the perfect ones to use in your projects. The creativity and digital aspects our photographers use are incredible. This is why our wallpapers, and other images o our platform are of high definition finish. With the latest tech, everything is possible. We can go the extra mile to bring you unimaginable wallpapers.

Quality Wallpapers

As mentioned before our wallpapers are handpicked and are custom made for every project. To maintain quality, all our wallpaper images come from our photographers and designers. We take special care and we pride ourselves in everything we do. Our images come in different styles, elements, and colors. The choice is yours to select which one is the best for you depending on your project. If you want to use it on your desktop or mobile phone, we have the best wallpapers.

We offer thousands of wallpapers in all topics and themes you are into. We have monetized our website for easier navigation. Still, these wallpapers are arranged into separate categories. Finding and downloading them is just a blink of an eye.

Free Wallpaper Design

Our platform is powered by an amazing community who love wallpapers. Images on our platform are free for all our users and beyond. Photos are registered under the WallpaperTip license. You can, thus, use them for personal ad commercial projects. You can even share them on your social media accounts.

Our platform is growing fast so is our photo gallery. Anyone can join our community and share their work with the world. Sign up for free and share your work with entrepreneurs, developers, and creative’s. For beautiful, free stock wallpaper for any project, WallpaperTip is your answer.

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WallpaperTip aims to provide users with reasonable free high-quality wallpaper suggestions & tips and make users desktop or mobile device more beautiful, cooler and more unique.

Where do free wallpaper source come from?

WallpaperTip is a wallpaper platform that everyone maintains together. Anyone can register and become a member upload any copyright-free HD wallpaper. All wallpaper source comes from member own design, free photography, CC0 pictures or public domain.

Why is WallpaperTip so popular?

1. Massive free high-quality wallpapers

2. Unlimited Free Download

3. Easy to search

Can I use a wallpaper for my YouTube channel? for a t-shirt?

The wallpapers are for personal use only. Personal use means that they are not to be used for any commercial purposes where you may charge money, collect fees, or receive any kind of payment. These background images may not be used on any website where they could generate revenue, and they cannot be used in advertisements. The images may not be resold, relicensed or sublicensed.