Today a vast majority of Americans are either overweight or having obesity issues. They are spoiling their health through an unhealthy diet which is responsible for numerous chronic diseases and various nutritional deficiencies. As compared to the packaged foods that which incorporates minimal nutritional benefits, fruits and vegetables are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy body. Today we will reveal incredible benefits of eating fruits for improved health.


With an incredibly sweet flavor and pinkish color, the strawberries are filled with nutrients that are vital for perfect health. These contain low sugar proportions and are loaded with calories and fiber. The strawberries have anti-inflammatory properties that assist in eliminating free radicals from the body. They also source flavonoids, which have a direct connection with improved brain and heart health. Consuming strawberries regularly results in reduced risks of obesity-related issues and also prevents various cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, if you are having higher cholesterol levels, then strawberries regular intake can help you reduce those raised levels. Now, fruit delivery in Dubai is conveniently accessible through dynamic mobile apps like Yeebly.


We know that the dates are well consumed in the Middle East and you can consider these as an ancient food. Dates are enriched in minerals and vitamins that include iron, copper, magnesium and potassium and vitamin B6. It also contains higher proportions of fiber that helps in purifying the body from toxins and keeps your belly full for longer periods.

If you have overheating issues, then you should consider adding dates in your meals. New studies have revealed that various minerals in dates boost the immune system and resist numerous chronic diseases like cancer. Eating dates regularly could be effective for your gut as it assists in the production of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract.


Whether you add it in your salads, consume it as canned, make smoothies or eat it stand alone as snacks, you are getting a full nutritional package. There is a massive list of health benefits that apple has to offer. Apple has a vital role in improving heart health and regulating blood sugar in your body. Now a recent study has shown that apple's regular intake reduces the risks of various skin and breast cancers.

The vitamin C in apple is responsible for boosting immunity and various antioxidants help improving overall health. Also, it resists developing type 2 diabetes. The overweight individuals are suggested to intakes foods that are full of fiber and apple is one of them. It takes a lot of time to digest and keeps you full for longer intervals.


The polyunsaturated and monosaturated acid in walnut helps controlling cholesterol levels in the body. Walnuts help in promoting bone health as copper in walnut is consider as the major strengthener of bones, the lack of which can make your bones prone to fracture. Also magnesium proportions in walnut help in the development and growth of bones.

The risks associated with prostate and breast cancer also minimized by regular intake. The harmful free radicals in the body also get eliminated and you get saved from fatal liver damage due to the presence of polyphenols in walnuts. Walnuts also source omega-3 fatty acids which help to boost mental health.


Loaded with fibers and sugar, banana packed a lot of health benefits. Not only it satisfies your hunger but it's an ultimate energy powerhouse. The bananas in the early morning keep you fully energetic for long. These are best for regulating bowel movements and relieves constipation.

It helps combat cell destructing free radicals in the body. The mood reliever dopamine is also present in bananas along with catechins which are antioxidant in nature. To reduce the risks of heart diseases, the higher proportions of potassium are also present in them.


Lemons source significant proportions of vitamin C. The lemon holds extreme sour taste that makes them unable to consume stand alone. These are key ingredients in various sauces, make your salads more luscious and enhance the flavor and taste of desserts and drinks. People have long used lemons when embarked on long journeys to overcome the deficiency of vitamin C.

The flavonoids present in citrus fruits like lemon help guard against numerous types of cancers and heart diseases. Vitamin C acquired through lemons plays a vital role in the formation of collagen, which strengthens and repairs your skin when damaged.


With peculiar texture and amazing flavor, the grapes bring a great addition in breakfast or lunch. Besides having a fundamental role in winemaking, grapes are being used in making dried fruits. The grapes contain a range of phytonutrients that helps protects against a particular type of cancers. Grapes are strong antioxidants and help ease blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Various studies revealed that the potassium-rich fiber helps to shed pounds and helps in getting a flat stomach. There are many varieties of grapes, Most of them are seedless and others that are slightly bigger in shapes contain seeds. Along with other nutrients, grapes source potassium that is beneficial for maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Final Words

Eating fruits provides numerous health benefits as regular intake can save you from various diseases and helps maintaining balanced health. Various fruits containing vitamins and fiber give an immediate boost to your digestive system. 

It is believed that the best time to eat fruits is early morning before breakfast. Try to avoid eating fruits at night time as the proportions of sugar may not let you sleep when you want to sleep.