Bathrooms used to be a bucket with soapy water, and an outhouse in the garden. No longer. It’s now the place where you can have some precious downtime after getting home from the rat race, where you reinvigorate those sore muscles after a challenging workout, and it also packs quite a punch when it comes to the resale value of your home.

Whether you have a small space that needs to cover the bare essentials or want a luxurious spa experience, the following tips will give you the jumpstart you need to begin a successful bathroom renovation project.

Work Out Your Needs (and Start from Function!)

How many of you will be using the bathroom? Do two sinks make sense? Should you opt for a smaller shower cubicle to add extra storage for towels and toiletries? Asking yourself these kinds of questions is the crucial first step in achieving a perfect bathroom configuration.

The thing you need to do is figure out what you need vs. what you want. Your dream may be a relaxing sanctuary with a spa vibe, but if your practical realities call for a functional family bathroom for you and your kids, you will need to adjust your plans. Always ensure you cover the practical aspects first before anything else.

Plan Your Layout Carefully

Planning the layout of your bathroom is a critical step. Let us repeat: it’s a vital, not to be missed step in the perfect bathroom creation process. Spend the right amount of time on this part.

We recommend using a tool or planner to create a 3D model of your bathroom. Sweet Home 3D is a solid free option, while SketchUp Pro has to be paid for, but it’s perfect indeed. If you can’t be bothered to do this or you’re good with a pencil and sketchbook, it’s okay. Make sure you leave plenty of space to move around in your bathroom. Give yourself about 100cm around a bath and 70cm around the toilet, for example.

Don’t forget the plumbing. All of your fantastic ideas stand and fall through the position of the pipes in your home. Changing the plumbing can be pretty expensive, so we recommend working around what you’ve got.

Choosing the Right Bath

The cornerstone of the relaxing bathroom experience is the bath. The biggest mistake people make is choosing one that’s the wrong size. Too small, and you’ll never use it (and it will still take up a lot of space!), while too big is just a waste. We recommend climbing in the bath and seeing whether it works for you (and your partner, if applicable). You’ll also want to consider the type, material, taps, and any additional features when it comes to picking the right one. For more info, Check This Out.

Space Efficiency

Live in a small space in the middle of a big city? Or perhaps you’re trying to squeeze in a second bathroom? Whatever the reason, it’s possible to pack many bathrooms in a small space. Here’s how:
  • You will want ‘short-projection’ fittings that won’t extend far into the room.
  • Tall and tiered storage is critical. Use all the space your bathroom has to offer.
  • Corner sinks across from your toilet are a definite space saver.
  • Forget the shower door. Think curtain or a glass panel.
  • The towel rack should be mounted on the door.
  • Opt for a wall-mounted faucet solution.

Don’t Forget the Ventilation

Poor ventilation is a definite no-no for your bathroom. You want that moisture and unpleasant smells to have an outlet. Prevent mold and condensation by installing a window that can be partially opened and locked, consider a skylight, or invest in an exhaust fan with light & heater. And with the quietest extractor fan available in the market, you need not worry about the noise exhaust fans make.

Follow Trends Through Tiles

We all want a bathroom that reflects cool and trendy rather than an outdated design from the 70s. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using tiling. Tiles are visually striking, relatively inexpensive, and can usually be easily replaced. So if you ever regret those funky colors, you can always revert back to plain white without too much difficulty.

Before we wrap things up, the last thing we want to stress is that the perfect bathroom is the one that fits your requirements. Don’t blindly follow guides (even this one!), stick to your guns, don’t just think about increasing your house value, and work with what you have (i.e., don’t start putting things on expensive credit cards!).