If you still need to join this giant of online commerce, you will learn how to create an account on eBay step by step, either as a seller or a buyer; this guide will be handy.

Thus, you can start using this website and learn how to access it more professionally or even act in case you want to get rid of an account you had previously created.

Everything is explained in the smallest detail so you stay aware of all the steps in any process.

If what you are looking for is to start using the eBay platform to search for offers and be able to find those bargains that you always dreamed of, the first thing you have to do is open a new account on eBay as a buyer, to do this follow these simple steps, which for sure will be very useful.

While it is true that with this type of account, eBay allows you to sell your products, the limitations are comprehensive, and this type of account is not recommended if you want to dedicate yourself to selling professionally on this portal.

1. Enter The eBay Website:

If you want to register an account on eBay of any kind, you first have to enter its website. It is essential to know that you have several versions in different languages and according to regions. Therefore, it is best to open your internet browser and enter this URL in the address bar: www.ebay.com.

2. Access The Account Register:

Now, on the cover of eBay, look in the upper left, just above the logo, the option "sign up." Click on it to enter the registration form and create your new user account in this gigantic e-commerce portal.

Fill In The Form: In the new window, you will be asked for a series of data that you must complete to register your account as a new user. Start with your first and last name, in addition to your email address and a password that must contain at least six characters, plus a number or symbol and at least one letter. You must use accurate data, as they will shape your identity as a buyer on eBay.

Also, the mail will be necessary for any other procedure, in addition to notifications and other notices for purchases made. Of course, the password is something personal and absolutely non-transferable. Once all this has been done, click on the blue button with the text "Register" to proceed further.

3. Account Created:

Your eBay Business Account is ready. You will receive a welcome email in the inbox of the email with which you can access the web, although you can do it directly from the browser without complications. Remember to look at your spam folder, as sometimes these emails arrive there.

Now you can start diving into every corner of this popular service of buying and selling products online, joining the bids to find real bargains, or making direct purchases at great prices. Although, of course, this account only allows you to take advantage of the functions available to buyers.