Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. The hard part is creating that sentiment! When letting a house, it can be tricky to create a home feeling at the place you live.

How can you incorporate that familiar feeling of coming home into a house that you do not own?

Especially if you are letting in Malta, a home can be expensive and it would require some planning to make it worthwhile.

The perfect home does not occur automatically, but it is fun to invest your time and energy into! To help you build your own perfect home, we created these four tips that will guide you through the process. Make your house your home!

Designate your rooms

Creating a home feeling starts at the basis. What will you be using each room for? In some cases, this might be very obvious: what else will you be using the kitchen for? However, if you do not have access to office space, there might be a chance you will be using the dining table in the kitchen as an office.

Writing these things down can also help you think about the things you need for each space. Assigning a purpose to a room will also help you to focus on the purpose itself. You won’t need a TV in the bedroom if you feel like the purpose of the room is to get a good night sleep and to find inner peace. Creating this overview can then help you think of the things you will need in each room. Anything is possible, but thinking in advance about the utilization of each room can prevent surprises and chaos.

Plant your greens

Some green companionship can help in assembling that home feeling we are all looking for. Adding a plant to your interior is the perfect solution! Research has shown us that plants not only help in improving the air quality as they produce oxygen, but also have a positive influence on your productivity, concentration, and memory. We know it can be hard to take care of your plants. So if your fingers are not as green as you would have liked them to be, just get a nice cactus to liven up the room. They are hard true survivors but still manage to add that green touch to your home!

Lighten up

To facilitate a comforting home sense, design your interior in a way in which you incorporate a lot of light. Natural light has many proven health benefits as it boosts the immune system, supports your body’s vitamin D produce and improves your sleep quality. All of which then lead to an improved mood and overall happiness. Reasons enough to let the light into your life and your home!

We recommend using lighter colors for paint or wallpaper as these brighten up the room and reflect natural light more easily. If you still want to incorporate color in your home, pick a light or pastel shade and the only color one wall. Adding mirrors to your interior can also help to reflect light and brighten up your home. Lastly, think about the fabric you use for curtains. Heavy materials can make the room seem smaller and block sunlight out of your perfect home!

Workplace Water Features

Water Features

The water feature to place inside in a fountain can pose a safety hazard. If the water feature includes an open pool, it should include design features that prevent accidental entrance by children. While children in a workplace are not always common, some do occasionally visit and should be protected. If you want to add an indoor fountain to your office may require special insurance riders or coverage depending on design and location.


The most important thing in creating a home environment is to personalize it! Place important belongings and artifacts in your home. Display your photos of family, friends, loved ones, or other things that are important to you. Utilize your arts and crafts skills to create a way to show your photos in a collage. Check Pinterest for some cool inspiration!

Personalization can also be portrayed by choosing a certain scent for your home. You could use scented candles, incense, or essential oils. Find out what smells add comfort to your home!

Use these tips to find your ultimate home feeling and create your perfect home!