Since US medicine is private and very expensive, having health insurance is a vital issue. You can only remember about insurance if you are under 19. All this is because, up to this age, everyone legally living in the USA has state insurance and can receive free medical care. In all other cases, you become unsecured by accidental damages and various diseases. So, it's better to think about it.

Health insurance is typically based on quite a simple principle: while you are healthy, you pay insurance when you become ill - the private insurance company with which you have a contract pays for you. In such a way, health insurance covers the worst-case scenario and expensive medical treatments.

In the US, there are several types (plans) of a group of private health insurance:

  • Traditional ways that require payment for each medical service
Traditional ways determine the size of insurance and the amount of participation of employers and employees in insurance payments. To receive insurance under this "plan," an employee must pay $ 200 a year. The insurance covers 80% of the cost of medical care during the year. 20% is produced by the employee himself. If its costs exceed $ 1,200 a year (over $ 200 annual contribution), then insurance will cover 100% of medical expenses by the end of the year.
  • Insurance through Health Support Organizations 
Health Insurance insurance provides full reimbursement for hospital care costs. For each visit to the doctor, you need to pay $ 5 for each prescription - $ 3.
  • Through the Best Vendor Organization 
Establishing the Best Vendor Organization involves concluding contracts for providing medical services between entrepreneurs and healthcare providers. According to this "plan" of insurance, the employee pays $ 100 for insurance, which includes coverage of 80-90% of his health care.

In fact, every person legally living in the USA should have insurance. Another question is which company to choose to get insurance. You can find out which insurance plan suits you personally using the online payment system or by contacting, a company specializing in insurance.

Two Reasons Why You Need Health Insurance

Still need to decide whether to get healthcare insurance or not? Here are the main reasons to change your mind:

Firstly, private insurance helps to carefully avoid excessively high medical expenses for medical care when you need it.
Health insurance adequately protects against high costs in case of serious problems. No one plans to get sick or get hurt, but most people need to treat an injury or illness at some point, and health insurance helps pay for these costs. By acquiring medical insurance, you provide adequate protection in case you need medical care.

Secondly, insurance helps sufficiently reduce the cost of medical care
Even if you have high deductible medical insurance and it does not pay anything until you pay the deductible, insurance can automatically get a significant discount (the discount often reaches 90%).
Keeping yourself healthy is a stepping-stone toward happiness. Don't hesitate and choose the best healthcare insurance!