Wedding Rings

When it comes to a wedding, the most beautifully ignored person is the groom! We know that's funny, but on second thought, all the wedding festivities mostly revolve around the bride, be it shopping, jewelry, engagement rings Philippines, accessories, etc. The internet is flooded with all the wedding articles meant for the bride with a guide to almost everything a bride needs for her wedding! But for men, there's nothing apart from the financial plans guys must make before the wedding!

The most important and only piece of jewelry a guy gets during the wedding is a wedding band or wedding ring! So, here we decided to look at the different varieties of wedding rings for men and help them choose the perfect one!

While choosing a wedding ring, most men prefer to keep it simple and comfortable, and our recommendations do not differ, but here we have a few suggestions that will help you choose a ring that would go well with your wedding attire.

1. Bold and Handsome! 

Gone are the days when men used to wear formal at their weddings. Nowadays, even men prefer designer Sherwanis for their weddings! A sherwani can be worn with a dhoti or a pajama, and it's all about class, elegance, and style! If you opt for bold and vibrant colors like red, maroon, and dark blue, with golden thread work or prints, then you can pick a matching wedding ring that is equally bold! A solitaire diamond wedding ring would go well with this type of sherwani.

2. The classic simplicity! 

Simple looks classic on men, whether at a wedding or any other special occasion! If you plan to go for a simple sherwani in cream or pastel shades, then a simple gold wedding band would look perfect! You can also opt for specifications like an elegant tiny set of diamonds encrusted in between or a single diamond. Any man's gold ring looks simply perfect with or without diamonds!

3. The manly florals! 

Yes, you read that, right! Who said that florals are meant only for women? We beg to disagree! The latest designer wedding sherwanis have unique floral designs and patterns. If you are confident that you can pull it off in style, you must go for it. The trendy floral sherwanis deserve something fancier and bling; you may opt for diamond rings with a high gloss finish, matte finish, satin finish, or frost finish. All of these rings for men would go excellently well with your designer sherwani!

4. Style like a Moghul Prince! 

Mughals were known for their royal fineries and awe-inspiring jewelry, be it the Begums or the Badshahs! If you are fascinated with Mughal outfits, try an Achkan instead of a Sherwani. Inspired by the Mughal era, an Achkan is designed to give you the perfect fit and looks like a Sherwani. So, a Mughal prince must have an exclusive and magnificent wedding ring to suit the attire. Go for something unique, a vintage collection of designer rings with intricate designs and gemstones would do justice to the royal dress!

No matter what you choose, any wedding ring would look great with your attire! Just make sure that it's comfortable and according to your tastes!