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The Dummies' Guide to Interior Signages

People would disagree on what makes a facility superbly designed and what makes another poorly designed. Some would say it’s the architecture of the building, others would claim the facilities inside the building are what counts, and a few would even discuss décor and furniture options. The one thing most seem to forget is interior signage. For some reason it slips everybody’s mind, despite the fact that without decent signs inside the building, you will get lost inside said facility. This is what you need to know about interior signage.
Dummies' Guide to Interior Signages

Why is it important?

Some might find paying too much attention to something as small as interior signage weird. But it’s those small details that separate a good user experience in the building from a poor one. Let’s say you are a law firm, and you receive hundreds of clients every day. Can you imagine what it would be like if there weren’t signs showing people where the bathrooms are and where the elevator or stairs exist? It’s details like this that encourage visitors to come back again. Interior signage is basically how you communicate with your visitors and guide them.


Interior signage isn’t just a way to show the facility visitors around. It’s also an excellent idea for you to flaunt your brand and grab people’s attention. The sign over the door or wall shows the personality and character of the business, and you really want to leave a good impression there. You can create signs that people will always remember, and these custom products can reflect the brand personality with ease and appeal that would cater to most people.
Law and order

Believe it or not, many of the signs in your building are not even optional. There are laws that require having signs of fire escapes, emergency exits, and so on. These are things that have to go inside the building, but that doesn’t mean you have to add them in a generic way. Creativity goes a long way in the simpler things. There are also signs that should be there for citizens with disabilities, and you’d lose a lot if you don’t have those lying around, because what disabled person would want to go back to a place that doesn’t even acknowledge them?

Creativity goes a long way

Creativity goes a long way

People like to be amazed and inspired. The more cleverly designed your signs are, the more intrigued those who view them would be. And don’t forget those signs have your logo on them, so this would reflect on better numbers for you and your business, no matter what that is.

The vibe

The vibe

Ever walked into a building that had a bleak vibe, kind of like it was a mental hospital? People don’t like that, and it’s not just the paint that plays into that eerie vibe. The interior signage can be just as important if it’s poorly designed, and it can be off-putting if you don’t put enough effort into it.

That saying is quite applicable to something like interior signage. Most businesses won’t put too much time and effort into it, but those who make it big will. Whether you’re using it for safety, laws, guidance, or just promotional purposes, signs in your building can be the reason why your business makes it or breaks it.

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