Kitchen Cabinets

The defining feature of almost every kitchen cabinet installation is its cabinetry, and as a result, choosing a style and material is a hugely important decision. From storage needs and budget to aesthetic impact, there is a plethora of factors to consider if one is to make a good choice. After determining the basic cabinet that you will purchase, which will usually be under the counter, wall-mounted, tall, or speciality – you will then need to select a grade. In this article, we’ll examine the grade options and other valuable considerations, including the pro’s and con’s inherent in each. There are generally four grades to consider:


These cabinets are great for a budget-conscious remodel because they can be up to 50% cheaper than installations, and great suppliers, like wholesale kitchen cabinets, offer a vast array of design and style options. They are usually flat-packed and, with a few handy tools, can be assembled by just about anybody. Being able to select and purchase your preferred choice online offers the benefit of convenience and saved time for the busy customer.

Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets are also cost-effective because they are sold in particular sizes that aren’t customizable. There are, however, usually an abundance of sizes and materials available, and you’re likely to find something that fits a regular space. With the advent of online shopping, wholesale kitchen cabinets are widely available, and one can peruse catalogues with thousands of options and price ranges to find the perfect solution.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets can be made to order from a manufacturer, or they could be stock cabinets modified with personalized doors or shelving. For spaces that require unique adaptations, they can be the best option because they combine excellent value with customization. The added creative freedom comes without the hefty price tag and is a popular middle-ground solution.

Custom Cabinets

These, as the name suggests, are made entirely to order and are therefore on the upper end of the spectrum in terms of cost and style. The option to choose everything from materials, color, hardware and construction give one total freedom to design a space-suited specifically to personal wants and needs. The discerning customer can choose custom cabinets safe in the knowledge that whatever they wish for they will get.

Those remodelling for the first time can find the process daunting but can seek assistance through many reputable suppliers, who will assist with the design process and help customers through the various stages based on budget and preferences. If you are restructuring your kitchen, it can be incredibly helpful to make use of free design service, offered by some companies, to see how your design will look before you approve and pay for it and also to ponder any changes to your original idea. Depending on the shape, size, and style of your kitchen, it may not be necessary to spend an arm and a leg on cabinets, and it’s worth knowing where money can be saved.