Look, we get it. Choosing the right tripod is an investment. After all, your precious photography equipment doesn’t come cheap. Getting the perfect shot is not a past time for some and for those who it is, a good picture really is worth a thousand words. In this article we review the Gitzo tripod and Canon tripod to help you make those tough decisions. 
Canon tripod

The Range

Gitzo offers 3 main rainges of tripods across their series 0-5. These are the Traveler, Mountaineer, Systematic. The modes increase in size and weight as you go up the series from 0 to 5 respectively. The Traveler is the lightest and packs down the smallest and is available in Series 0, 1 and 2. The Mountaineer range is a little heavier than the Traveler series, thus providing even more support whilst still being portable. They are available in Series 0, 1, 2 and 3. Finally, the Systematic is the largest and heaviest of the range and are available in Series 3, 4 and 5. A quick Google search will give you more of an overview of the differences and full specification run downs

Gitzo Tripod


For this review we will be featuring the Gitzo Tripod Traveler Series 1 Kit.

We know, tech speak is not necessarily for everyone but before we get into the actual review, we should examine the technical specs.

Technical specifications include;

  • Traveler Series 1 Tripod
  • 82TQD Centre Ball Head
  • Max load: 10kg
  • Maximum height: 163.5cm
  • Minimum height: 140.5cm
  • 1.45kg weight
  • Carbon fibre eXact tubes
  • 180° leg folding system
  • Traveler G-locks
  • Independent pan and ball lock
The Traveler Series 1 carbon fiber tripod is an ultra-compact. With four section support and an 180° leg folding system the design is easy to fold and offers great stability for your equipment. A nice little add on is that the rubber feet can be changed and as when needed. The independent pan and ball locks allow for an easy shot and the ultra-light carry weight make it the perfect clip on to any backpack. Carbon fibre legs mean that this tripod is very durable to almost any terrain. Although pricey, the Traveler is well worth its price and it truly is a class act amongst tripods.

The big innovative feature of the newest Gitzo Mountaineer tripods is the manner in which the head platform attaches to the center column. Instead of being threaded, the whole top platform detaches with a single twist of the piece directly underneath the top plate. This makes removing the center column for low angle shots much faster than typical systems. It is even possible to remove the center column without undoing the main center column twist lock. This feature does add weight, and its value therefore depends on how often you

Putting It to the Test

We have established that the Gitzo is rock solid and all terrain ready but let’s put it to the test with our Canon DSLR

Let’s start with the tripod head, you will want something superior to go with those legs, it will need to be something compact and sturdy. Finding a good quality ball head that is strong as well as compact will complete your tripod and ensure that you Canon DSLR is mounted safely. Once your camera is mounted the independent friction and panning controls make it easy to maneuver and change positions. Tilting between -90 and +40 degrees, there’s rarely a shot the Gitzo won’t help capture. A quick-release adapter assists with popping off the camera for moving to a new position.

Gitzo seems to have stepped up their game in terms of the quality of the carbon fiber tubes used in all of the tripods, but especially the Traveller Series 1. Instead of saying how many fiber layers there are, they now just market the tubes as a carbon exact. We don’t really mind what the marketing jargon is, it is working well, as the stiffness of these tripods is comparable to similar tripods with larger diameter tubes. They do say that the bottom tube has a thicker wall and uses high modulus carbon fiber which would make sense as typically the bottom tube is the weakest. Focusing on this section seems to have been the correct approach, effectively negating any previous issues Gitzo had.


While the Traveller Series 1 doesn’t top the charts in terms of performance, features like the top plate quick release, centre column and excellent build quality make it a market leading performer. The ease with which your Canon DSLR attached and the wide range the Gitzo offers, means you will very rarely miss a shot. Pros for this piece of equipment are the excellent build quality, innovative center column detachment, and great rigidness and stiffness. The only con we had was the price.

The Traveller series offers excellent tripods, but we will admit that it is awkwardly placed amongst others in the Gitzo lineup. For the same weight, and only a little more money, one could get Gitzo’s series 2 traveler tripod, which is the same height but folds much smaller and has thicker leg sections. Going in the other direction, the RRS series 2 tripods weigh and cost a little bit more, but perform much better. There is a place for the Traveller series 1 though. If you are looking for a well-constructed, lightweight tripod whose center column can easily be inverted for low angle use, this is your tripod. This tripod is lightweight without giving up anything with regards to features and ergonomics