Domestic violence is a heinous crime that leaves life-long effects on its victims. A crime that impacts a human's physical and mental state can make them shiver in fear even years later from getting over it. Sadly this evil act is unfurling its roots in many households. According to a study conducted by the United Nations, an estimated 35 per cent has been discovered against women worldwide who have been the victim of domestic violence and abuse. The most horrifying fact about domestic abuse is that most people don't realize they are going through this painful experience of abuse until something crucial happens that demands immediate action. The people who cannot raise their voices against the abuse are struggling, but at the same time, they seek online sexual harassment training and manage to get out of such abuse. A struggle to heal themselves.
You need to understand that while you may not want to push for legal charges, experts recommend otherwise. You need to fight this out legally to help get closure and know that you are well within your rights to stop your abuser. If you have been a victim of domestic violence in GA, you need to hire the best legal experts to help you build your case and get you speedy justice.

Professional sexual harassment attorneys say that fighting against the recurring memories of an abusive past is a battle. But as much as the survivors are brave enough to stand up for themselves, they are equally courageous and can overcome their traumatic past to achieve a happy and long life.

Here are 7 helpful steps guided by the Michigan age of consent that might help you get the courage to overcome your traumas and lead a hopefully happy life.
  • Respect and love for yourself: Tough times like these shatter the victim's self-confidence. Coming out of an abusive relationship might drain you mentally and physically. You need to have faith in yourself the most at this time. They may be the person you cherish the most, but nothing is superior to your own. As they say, "You are the captain of your fate", so make sure you sail the ship of your life in the right direction, which is only possible through loving and respecting yourself.
  • Do not fear words: You may have to be the centre of attention for some time cause the society we know is not generous enough to let personal issues slide down. Do not let them bring you down through their judgemental views. You are very courageous that you have managed to get yourself out of this situation. Words should never bother you as you have grown far above them. Surviving and coming out of the traumatic experience of abuse is not everybody's cup of tea. Turn your head over every taunting command that you hear.

  • Meditate: Meditation is the best way to calm your infuriating thoughts. You can always rely on the power of your mind to heal you faster. Meditation helps you escape the traumatic memories and lets your body recover physically and mentally. Problems such as anxiety, fears, addiction, insomnia, and many such countless problems are driven away through the power of meditation. Make a routine for yourself and take out some time to meditate regularly. You will feel the difference very soon.
  • Involve yourself in creative work: Sidetracking your thoughts from negativity and previous abuses is necessary, which is why the survivors must involve themselves in creative activities. Indulging yourself into activities as such will not only let you heal quickly but also will let you find your passion through it. Children who survive domestic violence and abuse often have difficulty healing and evolving their personalities. Psychologists suggest creative activities as a great platform that catalyzes the healing process.
  • Surround yourself with positivity: People who motivate and cherish you are the ones who heal you the most. Their company can be a great salve to the wounds of your past. Let people who only want to see your growth and well-being be a part of your life. Talk to them, let your thoughts flow and release all your negative feelings.
  • Pamper yourself: Survivors should never feel the need to cage themselves just because they have been the victim of abuse. In fact, they must spoil themselves to the fullest. Your bravery deserves a reward, and that should be you pampering yourself with all those things that you love. Spending time with friends, going on vacations, learning new things or just buying yourself stuff you have wanted forever. Do not stuff yourself inside your house. You are free now, so go and cherish all the things you have always wanted to do.

Seek professional help if necessary

If you are having a hard time getting over the trauma of abuse, seek professional help. A psychologist may help you best to get over it. You can share your feelings, fears and also any physical discomfort that you are feeling. A professional will tell you the best treatment for you according to your situation. Experts can always offer you mental and material aid, so do not hesitate to visit them.


A traumatic experience is hard to overcome, yet a strong mind can overcome it all. We are so proud of you for surviving and getting out of it. So you should be proud of yourself too. Don't doubt your capabilities. We believe just how you survived this, you will get over the memories of it too. All the best!