WebRTC technology

WebRTC technology has revolutionized international communications. Now, it's possible for two people to make phone calls, in real time, through a simple web browser, all from any location in the world.

The future of communications lies in WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology through the use of a web browser, without the need of any installations or downloads.

The telecommunications world is a very dynamic business sector where new discoveries and technological evolution is constant. These advances allow the simplification and optimization of remote communications, with greater functionality and greater flexibility for users.

So What is WebRTC Technology?

The WebRTC is an open source software that allows people to make phone calls, create video conferences or share documents online in real time. Anywhere a person is connected to the internet, they can access their calls.

WebRTC technology works through a codec that encodes and decodes signals and digital flows so that the information reaches its desired destination. In other words, there is an API directly integrated into browsers that allows this communication to occur in real time.

This new technology presents innumerable opportunities and advantages for both small businesses and large companies, due to the variety of its features that can be used in all departments such as sales, accounting, HR, etc. It can be also used as a call center.

Click to Speak: The Answer to Business Communication Problems

High costs for international calls, technical problems in business phone network systems, channels blocked by operators; you've heard it all before. International communications usually has a long list of problems for both people and their businesses.

Thanks to the evolution of WebRTC technology and its combination with VoIP telephony, a new business phone service has appeared on the market:

Click to Speak is a button that is coded into a website. By clicking on this button, the is connected directly with the company through a free, online phone call. This is a new form of voice communication, in HD quality, without having to install anything or use software.

WebRTC technology is a true technological revolution that is making Whatsapp or Skype obsolete, due to its high sound quality and service as a whole. No app downloads on your computer are necessary.

What will be the next piece of technology used in international business communications? Only the future will tell.

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