building your own racing drone
building your own racing drone

Building your own racing drone is one of the most satisfying rewards you would give yourself. When you spend your days and nights preparing, tinkering and finally when you see your very own FPV quadcopter flying for the very first time will be worth watching. With some correct guidelines, technical tips, and a tough push in the right direction, you can make the entire process quite simple.

An experienced person will always tell you to build your own racing drone as it is better value for money with higher quality components and a much more enjoyable experience. You can easily get the details about the great racing drone kits to check out various components used for making drones.

1. From which platform you should start from?

It is always better to go from the safer side and start with something that pulls the ball straight out from the boundary as well as which will give you minimum hiccups. ZMR250 is perfect for the first attempt. All drones are not created with equal processes. Everyone has some different concept attached to it.

2. Why select ZMR250?

It has countless properties which are more than comfortable for a first handmade racing drone. It is very easy to set up and simple to tune it. Plus, flexible upgrades are available and many people are already flying thus drone with massive success rate.

It will help you in advancing your skills very quickly. It is probably the best DIY racing drone kit and has everything you will need to get the best start.

3. Go with the best work:

Sometimes, it gets a bit difficult to assemble all the parts of the DIY drones and even harder to fly. If you just swear by and go with just a random DIY drone kit, then you are likely to get stuck in it. But it is not the case with ZMR250. You can easily find the tutorial videos of this popular kit.

4. Stick to future proof and safe design:

Try to build a racing drone that can run on 4 cell batteries as it is always better to pre-build a 4 cell drone than making conversions later on. Making modifications after the entire construction of the drone is completed will cost you heavy money.

Use high amperage speed controllers and other electronics that can handle 4S. It will help you in making future upgrades a lot easier.

5. Use high-quality components:

When you combine high-quality components to create one racing drone, it will be one of the best racing drones money can ever buy. Some recommended and must include products are listed below:
  • DYS 1806 2300kv Motors
  • Carbon Fiber ZMR250 Frame
  • Afro Race Spec 20AMP ESC’S
  • FrSky D4R-II Receiver
  • Sony Run cam Video Camera

6. Choose the transmitter wisely:

When you build your own racing drone, gives you the liberty of choosing your own transmitter. Just make out your budget and then you can include one of the best transmitters in the market. Two suggested transmitters are mentioned below

The Turnigy 9XR Pro is easy to use and very capable with Full range 2.4Ghz Switching Telemetry

The Taranis X9D is a little more advanced with Superior aircraft control and it will last you a lifetime.

7. Select a good display:

A preferred set up includes an LCD screen if you are flying FPV for the first time. Since seasoned pilots use an LCD screen as a backup, so when you buy an LCD screen you will make good use of it. Some suggested LCD screens are mentioned below.

Be prepared to invest some money here as it is a vital part of your drone flying experience. You exactly get what you pay for in order to avoid poor quality monitors.


Hope you find this technical information helpful for your own handmade DIY racing drone. All the best!