Online Dating

One in five committed relationships begins online according to a survey by Statistic Brain. With more than 5000 online dating sites worldwide, this is very much imaginable. The question is: Is online dating really that effective?

Online Dating Today

Swipe left, swipe right -- these are just the basics of today’s online dating. All that you need then would be a decent display picture and some enticing facts you can boast about yourself. Voila! You’re ready for the battle check and get what you're looking for.

An estimated 50 million people use Tinder (a distinguished dating app) today with 10 million daily active users. According to statistics, the app reaches 26 million matches a day.

The online dating industry is a multi-billion dollar business and is still growing now. It is a booming trend, especially among Millenials who dominate the online dating population.

It seems like online dating is starting to define the modern age of dating and relationships. Is it really a good replacement for traditional intimacy?

Let’s find out how effective online dating really is for you by discussing its pros and cons:

Pros of Online Dating

1. There is a Vast Selection You Can Freely Choose From

With almost over 50 million people that you can meet online, what’s more, to ask?

Online dating allows you to choose from a wide variety of choices that even breaks up into a number of very specific categories: nationality, religion, occupation, age and the likes. Do you want to date someone with blue eyes? No problem -- online dating solves this problem just for you.

Other users can also see your personal information that may include your age, gender, preferences, like your favourite food, movie genre, songs and whatnot. This makes partner-searching easy and much more efficient.

2. Automatic Matching

Online dating is not like the real world. To sum things up, it is, in fact, pretty unreal, especially with the countless features, like automatic matching, that can help you find a perfect match.

Some online dating apps and websites have this feature. The only thing that you have to do is input details about your cherished partner, and you’ll be presented with a collection of compatible matches.

3. Safe and Hassle-Free Communication

This may just be one of the best pros of online dating. Once you have done everything from setting up a profile to finding compatible matches, then you can give getting to know each other a go.

Some dating apps have a chat feature that allows partners to communicate using the apps themselves, but other social media apps and probably email (if it is to your liking) can also be used too.

What makes this safe and convenient is that you don’t need to physically go to places to meet someone you would like to know better. Besides, it is best that you get to know them well first through any online platforms before meeting personally for safety purposes. Apparently, not everyone on online dating sites has good intentions.

Cons of Online Dating

1. Rejection

Hold your horses! Don’t get too excited.
It may sound too good to be true, but this is still a reality. Rejection is also a part of the online dating world. Success depends solely on how you present yourself: your profile, communication skills (online or personal) and your overall impact as a potential partner.  If you're not sure, for instance, of what to text her, you better conduct previous research, so you don't mess it up. 

It is guaranteed that you’ll be able to meet someone of your liking, but will they like you back? Luckily, there are people or blogs out there willing to help out by offering tips and tricks to succeed in the online dating game -- like Masculine Profiles for example.

2. Unsatisfied Expectations

The online dating world is full of traps, and these include being paired with someone opposite of who he/she claimed to be.

This is one of the bad scenarios you can end up in if you ever plan to try online dating. The benefits are great, but this is one thing you cannot really avoid. The best thing that you can do is be very keen when it comes to knowing who you are dealing with.

Researching about the people you would like to meet in person is advisable.

3. Limited Interaction

Dating behind a screen may sound very promising, but once you’ve gone through maybe a dozen of dates, you might miss the real world.

Online dating means limited interaction. You’ll only be chatting through email, Facebook or dating apps. The best human interaction you’ll be able to have would be a video call. It won’t be like traditional dating where you can hold hands or hug each other.


Overall, online dating is undeniably a great, creative innovation of the modern world. Online apps and websites have been successful since their invention. However, the benefits that online dating gives to people will come with some disadvantages. Despite this fact, millions of people still enjoy the experience that they get from participating in such communities.
Is online dating really effective? It might just be!
It is definitely something you can try because you never know, as said above, one in five committed relationships begins from online dating. Besides, you can always mix your “modern” ways with traditional efforts.