Temples And Shrines

If you're visiting Japan, it is important that you visit the temples and shrines it has all over the country which are an important historical property and one of the most popular tourist attractions among Both domestic and international travelers. But, do you know exactly what the difference is between a shrine and a temple? Believe it or not there are thousands of shrines and temples all over Japan. In fact, you will be able to see more than 80,000 shrines and about 75,000 temples in all the country. We all know Japan is a country with a lot of culture and history. If you would like to learn more about the differences between a shrine and temple in terms of religion, appearance and manner to worship, we would like to give you the following information.

Talking about religion a shrine is called Jinja in Japanese. Many Japanese people think that souls and spirits resist in Shinrabansho and they have worshipped the mountains, the rocks, trees and other things in nature as the gods. Basically a shrine is a symbol of Shintoism. On the other hand the temple has its origin in India and China. The religion that is usually worshipped in a temple is Buddhism and this is a place where monks live in worship Buddha. It is a quiet and peaceful place where you can learn a lot from this religion and the way monks live here. Shrine dogs which is a dog shaped statue that stands in front of the temple. It may also have other animal figures such as foxes or dragons.

Talking about appearance it is very easy to see the difference between a shrine and a temple. Shrines usually have Shrine gates at the entrance and which are usually red. Of course, it will be the easiest way to identify a shrine. A temples gate is more sophisticated. It has complex structures and most of the temples usually have a cemetery next to it. You will also see

The way people worship either in shrines and temples is totally different. Many people worship by bowing down their head just before the temple gate or walking along the side of the road passing through the gate. Some of them also wash their hands and mouth before worshipping. It is very common to see incense smoke which it is said that it makes a part of your body. People draw toward it and get in contact with the incense with their hands.

Now that we know a little bit about the difference a shrine and a temple it's time to visit those incredible places in which you will be rewarded with a rich and cultural experience often overlooked in Osaka. One of the most famous temple is the Hozenji Temple. This was built in 1637 and even though it attracts a few visitors, it makes an excellent Refuge for the crowds. It has near shops and cafes where you can eat and drink something and spend a good time with family and friends. This Temple was dedicated to one of the buddhism's five wisdom Kings. The Osaka tenmangu Shrine was founded in the 10th century. This is one of the most important shrines in Japan. It is the house of one of the most popular festivals in Japan Tenjin Matsuri festival.

Another beautiful Temple you have to visit is Isshinji Temple. It has a modern entrance but it also has a history dating back to the 12th century. You will be able to see a statue of the Buddha constructed with human bones gifted to the temple. Osaka is home of one of Japan's oldest shrines. This is the sumiyoshi Taisha. It was founded in the third century and it distinguishes itself as being one of the three shrines in the entire country with pure Japanese architecture.

Finally another wonderful place to visit is the Shitenno-ji Temple. It is considered to be founded in the 6th century making it one of Japan's oldest temples of Buddhism. You will be able to walk through its main halls and a peaceful garden too.

Whenever you visit Japan, visiting Osaka's temples and shrines is a must. Come and witness the beautiful and rich culture that Japan has to offer to its visitors. It is not only about visiting its modern architecture in the city but it is also about culture and history. Visit Osaka, one of the most famous and cultural places in Japan and spend the best vacation ever in this amazing place.