Breathtaking Islands

Always dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean.

It’s the achieving moment of your life you simply can’t forget, no doubt. But what makes everything so beautiful around you?

What makes it more astounding is the fact that the world has lots of surprises in its pocket that are unraveled only when we decide to look upon it.

Travelling takes you to new destinations that are ultimate miracles of nature. Who could have thought that Sahara could be such a great camping trip? Who can think that climbing K2 can be a thrilling experience? Unless you decide to do it you can't know for sure.

Discovering famous cities, streets, shops are always exciting, right? You get to meet lovely people and sometimes not so lovely people, but the food, hotels, the overall experience is worth spending your time on.

Beach Flings

It’s always more exciting to go to a beach doesn’t matter from which country you are from; the coastlines are attuned to the special phenomenon that you simply can’t help but unveil it all by yourself. The sunny side up, downs, and most importantly the cozy feeling of relaxation is enough to make you go on a beach holiday around the world.

For this sole purpose we have listed down the 6 most breathtaking islands you probably have missed so far, so now is the chance to redeem yourself by visiting those destinations.



Never thought of Africa as one for an island attraction? Believe it with your naked eye. Morocco home to the cultural cities and sites is quite famous also the food is unforgettably tasty but why not an island to visit there?

Just off the coast of the mystical Essaouira is the small series of islands, ILES PURPURAIRES, which adds to the mystery of Essaouira. Famous for its purple dye thanks to the Romans, little should you know, this island is breeding ground for falcons, and tourists are not allowed to go there (that's a real shame though) but with high command permission, you can be accompanied there. It's a haven for the wildlife of birds. Although the falcons migrate to Madagascar in winters it's a common breeding ground during the summer.

Summer holidays in Morocco seems to be incomplete for the explorers who want to be part of discoveries.



You probably would have heard about it in your history lessons. How British, French and Portuguese fought over it for the trade. Well now, we are not fighting over it but yes visiting is one option we simply can't ignore.

One of the underrated islands in the world, Grenada a.k.a Spice Islands has contributed its share of beauty attractions for nature and tourists alike. Indonesia being home to spices makes this island all more filled with the aromas of spice plantations all over it.

The picturesque town of St. George is just on the other side of the islands. Hitchhiking on the mountains and reaching the top makes it all too glorious view which is more than appreciable.



How about taking a trip back to Africa? The most famous Madagascar (not the movie but the island although the movie was fun to watch!) is comprised of different islands. It's not a surprise that it recruits a natural hidden gem from the rest of the world. Initially meaning "Big Island" it has been busiest resort areas for tourists.

Although lynching tends to be uncertain in this part of the region the natural wonder attracts more tourists than ever. It's home to many of the wildlife animals like a black lemur and not to forget the fact that it's a volcanic island (another surprise).

But with its tropical monsoon climate, humid summer and short dry season make it all year round available.



We say Malaysia is truly Asia. It's a tropical paradise for the honeymooners or for someone who loves exploring the islands and mysteries surrounding it. This coral reed island is not as large but what makes it astounding is its beauty and the marine life that is the major reason for scuba divers. Quite popular for scuba diving it's a refreshing coolness to feel the eccentric vibrating colors of corals and aquatic organisms down there.

If you are lucky enough you can encounter the turtles coming to the sandy shores and laying eggs, it’s fascinating to experience such a sighting.

The gorgeous white sands and crystalline waters make it a whole different package for a holiday destination.


What is it that attracts us to the Philippines? Its gorgeous mane of islands!

Palawan is the largest of the provinces and lies between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. With its irregular coastlines makes it quite happening fit for wildlife and wreck diving.

Scuba diving is quite popular in this part of the island as well as there is an amazing diversity of aquatic life underwater and water is just the right temperature. Besides that, you can go snorkeling too and that too is a thrilling experience, especially for the teenagers. Ziplining is a fun way of trekking from the op on Ugnong Rock, quite exhilarating experience it is and you can have an incredible view from the top of the green life around you. Relaxing on the beachside you can do fishing as well, fathers will love this place for fishing sport.



And yet we have another of the unexpected destination in Africa in our minds, Kenya. Lamu Island is a small size and yet UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its coral stone and mangrove buildings giving it a unique emphasis over the landmark itself.

The best thing you will find is that its vehicle-free area! You have to use your legs to take you wherever you want to go.

Not that much of a tourist spot attraction comparatively to other destinations mentioned above, but it certainly reserves the charms for an escapade. It’s a small fish town separate from all the prying eyes. It’s something to see when in Kenya.

Had your fill or looking for more? I'm sure you want more because quenching the thirst of discovery lasts as long as two minutes. The wandering souls are always on an outlook for new best adventures. Which one will be yours?