Commercial Property

With the rising energy costs, it's high time to find creative solutions to counteract increasing electricity bills in commercial and industrial premises. You may not recognize, but your energy bills can become one of the highest business expenses.

Most business people are not aware that they can save energy by partnering with a professional energy consultant. It offers comprehensive, customizable solutions that not only lower your costs but also initiates environmental quick-fix to help you meet sustainability goals.  For instance, you can find cheaper electricity on usave.

Here are five proven electricity saving tips for your commercial and industrial premises:

Energy Saving Solutions through Consultant

Some energy consultant has good relationships with energy suppliers; thus, it can help business owners access the best supply rates. Whether it’s acquiring fuel oil, natural gas, or renewables – the competition is rigid. And, a knowledgeable energy consultant provides minimum supply rates like the one from Dallas light companies with no deposit, will offer you affordable business energy solutions.

Note Your Daily Behavior

This one is the most basic yet powerful way to reduce energy consumption in your office building. And, you don’t need to step out buying energy-efficient appliances. Here's how:
  • It can be as effortless as turning off lights and appliances when you don’t use them.
  • You have to make sure to turn off all electrical appliances such as air conditioners and desktop when no one is in the cabin.
  • You may not necessarily need electricity in the daytime, just tie off the curtains and allow sunlight to enter.
  • You can use energy monitor tools to understand better where most of your electricity consumption taking place.
As we all know, heavy-duty heating and cooling appliances can cost nearly more than half of the average electricity bills. Thus, reducing the frequency of using them in winter and summer seasons can offer effective savings, more info:

Using Latest Energy-Saving Technologies

Purchasing and installing more effective and budget-friendly lighting solutions in your commercial and industrial premises can save energy. With the latest and improved LED technologies, the answer to this problem is wider than ever.

Whether it’s replacing old lamps with more LED lamps, or just ordering a more efficient product for your current fixtures, you can achieve notable savings with this technique.

Use Renewable Energy Sources

Solar energy and other renewable sources are significantly beneficial to replace electricity or gas entirely for the majority of businesses. Besides, geothermal heat pumps, solar panels, and other renewable energy sources can be used to decrease the dependency on traditional energy.

Conduct an Energy Awareness Program

Create promotional strategies including posters, news, and announcements—spread the awareness and educate everyone about the cause and your commitment to energy savings. Use your company newsletter, to keep tenants well-known about your electricity-savings goals, and how they can contribute towards your goal benefitting you as well as others.

A bonus tip: Make this a competition for all the employees to see who can bring the best idea for energy saving. Print a few pointers and take it as a fun challenge!


Energy saving is essential and beneficial for multiple reasons. You can not only save money, increase property value, but also protect the environment with the basic energy-saving measures.

Whether your office building is located in a state that proposes an energy choice, or you are simply interested in revealing hidden savings-- partnering with a skilled energy consultant is a great idea to increase your business revenue!