Multi-Story Car Parks
Multi-Story Car Parks

Over the past few decades, the human race has continued to expand exceedingly fast. And there will be times when this large population will become an overwhelming cause.

A large growing population means an increasing need for more space worldwide. Furthermore, every person owns some sort of property. It can be a car, a house, or even a patch of land—even these things take over the remaining space that people scarcely leave behind.

One of the most common problems that our current society is dealing with regarding the massive growing population is the increase in car traffic. Transport is an important necessity in this world, which implies that one adult person or a family at least has to own one or two cars. And for the ones who don’t even own a car, other vehicles such as buses are made to provide them with transportation services.

Due to that, our world has been dealing with some major problems related to traffic. Global warming is constantly rising due to the air and noise pollution caused by vehicles. There are also multitudes of cars parked on every street, making pedestrian traffic suffocating and, at times, impossible to deal with. There is also an alarming increase in road accidents that occur due to the increase in the number of cars being driven in the same small spaces. The dangers of large car traffic are starting to become inevitable. A solution for these problems is to be strictly taken as a safety priority for all the citizens of the world.

There are some people who have become aware of the severity of the situation- and they are working on ways to solve this problem as effectively as possible. Out of their many ideas that were implemented to manage traffic such as motorways and underpasses, some of their best inventions was the development of multi-story car parks.

Multi-story car parks, which are also known as a parking garage, are one of the most innovative car parking plans to have ever been created. Building are made with levels of raised floors specifically for the purpose of parking multiple number of cars within its interior structure. These car parking buildings are either built separately or they are adjoined with other structures such as malls, schools, apartments etc.

They provide the best alternative space to withstand a large number of cars in one place and add value to the places they are built, especially in the mega cities. There are still many people who aren’t quite aware of how and why these multi-story car parks are so helpful. Perhaps people who use these parking garages daily might be some of the few ones who know just how good these buildings can be.

In order to spread the awareness of impending dangers of car traffic, we have come up with our own written solution. Since multi-story car parks are some of the best developments to fight against the traffic cause, we have provided a list of why they are so efficient and what kind of value they provide to our growing society.

1. Affordable Construction Costs

Since these are multi-story buildings designed to deal with car parking solutions, many people might think the construction costs must be a hefty sum. However, the reality is quite the opposite of that.

Construction of these buildings is surprisingly low- and there are several reasons for that. One of them includes the fact that the building is built on site, so lighting, security costs, etc., are lowered by a considerable amount. Even the materials used for the infrastructure of the building are one of the major reasons for low cost. The use of TT slabs makes the infrastructure of the building sturdy yet light, no matter what design you pick for the interior of the parking garage.

Furthermore, assembling these slabs shortens construction time, which further reduces construction costs. This means you can get good-quality materials for the building within a budget and build the whole place in a short period of time. As a result, you deliver an aesthetic added value to these buildings.

2. Construction Space Minimized

As we mentioned before that the building blocks of the car park are built on site so they reduce the amount of construction work to a limited space. However, there are other ways in which it can minimize space.

When it comes to constructing these buildings, you don’t need to buy out or clear away several acres of land to just make the buildings. Since these multi-story car parks are built vertically and on several levels above or below the ground, you can tell that these buildings don’t need much space to be built in. There is no need to spread the construction of the building out to a large area.

Since space is the very thing we are lacking the most, a multi-story car park is highly beneficial in regards to that. You can save space and simultaneously cater to the parking needs of multiple cars in one place.

3. Increase the Durability of the Vehicle

Another highly beneficial feature of a car park is the fact that it provides high levels of durability to your vehicles condition.

When your car or any other vehicle is parked outside on the roads, there are several possible threats it has to deal with. Rising traffic can result in other cars accidentally bumping or crashing into your car due to the lack of space. Your vehicle is also exposed to dirt and splashes from muddy puddles from passing by cars. All of this can be costly to take care of and tiring to clean daily.

However, multi-story car parks allow cars to be parked within a building interior with plenty of space. Plus, the designs are built in such a way that they reduce risk of vehicle getting damaged from bumping into another car. It is also a clean space so chances of your car getting dirty are also reduced. Also, with the right maintenance, your vehicle system life is increased to more than 40 years of efficient mobility.

4. Utilizing Full Space

You might think that one of the drawbacks of building a multi-story building in a small space doesn’t change the fact that finding a place to park your car will take forever. And an even longer time to get to the parked car and exit the building. And to be honest, your thoughts are spot on.

This is indeed a drawback- but you can always come up with a solution if you try. And those who did are happy to say that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of accessing and exiting a multi-story car park space. Some buildings include pallets and lifts which make transporting the car in and out of the building easier and less time consuming. This helps to accommodate many cars in one place in the most efficient and hassle free way possible.

5. Safety of Vehicle

As compared to parking your car outside, it would be much more helpful if your vehicle was parked in a multi-story car park- especially if its safety is your number one priority.

Open roads can endanger your cars in many ways. Your car could get stolen, and you won’t know who did it. You will be constantly on panic mode every time you park your car outside. This isn’t going to help your vehicle not to get stolen and is definitely not even good for your mental state as well.

Relieve your mind from the stress of your vehicles condition by parking it in a multi-story car park. They are more secure as they have guards assigned at every entrance and exit point. There are also cameras installed in every corner of the building. So if anything does happen to your car, you won’t have to lose your mind not knowing what happened to it and simply check the security footage for answers.

6. Low Maintenance

Under open road conditions, your car might need constant maintenance to keep the vehicle's body running smoothly and efficiently. But if high maintenance puts a massive dent in your bank account, it’s better to consider parking your car in multi-story car parks instead.

The reason why we way say that is because when it comes to maintenance, there is a slight difference when it comes to parking your vehicle in multi-story car parks as compared to an open road parking. Multi-story car parks in general don’t require a lot of maintenance. Since the cars are parked inside the building, there aren’t many external factors that can harm the vehicle in general.

Furthermore, these building are made with materials made to lower car maintenance. One prime example is building structures made from special tension rod construction. They provide immense stability and the quality of the concrete slabs reduces steel components which are the source of terrible weather effects.

7. Well-Planned Routes

Since this multi-story building is made to specifically cater to the needs of a large number of cars, many people might hesitate to park their car within its premises.

The reason, according to what these reluctant car users had to say were that, danger is still inevitable. A number of cars moving around in a building means there is definitely going to be a major accident at some point. But that won’t happen in these buildings.

The reason is due to the fact of well-thought-out routes within the building that reduce the risk of buildings colliding into one another. There are also different routes for entering and exiting the building. Hence, moving around in the right paths will ensure that your car won’t get bumped into another car by accident.

8. Designed For Convenience

Despite being built in a small space, these building can be created in various unique designs which can be convenient for all drivers.

Some multi-story car parks are built in a round design. The mobility of the car is made swifter and more accessible as the levels are constructed in a spiral design. There are also parking decks where you can exit and enter a multi-story building on different levels.

Plus, most of these are built above and below ground so you can choose where you want to park your car-above where there is more exposure to light and air. Or below where it’s dark but safe nonetheless.

9. User Friendly

One of the best things that a multi-story car park provides is the level of high class service that no open road car parking space can provide.

The level of security helps people conduct their matters without worrying about the condition of their cars. Even though the building is specifically made to park cars, their designs take consideration for the people as well. The buildings are designed in such a way that pedestrians can easily walk towards their cars without feeling cramped in the space and not have to worry about a car hitting them by accident.

10. Traffic Management

Overall, a multi-story car park building is the best alternative to park your car whenever necessary rather than parking in an open road.

Also, the more cars that are parked inside, the less space they will take outside. Meaning traffic conditions will be far less bad than they used to be. Cars can now be maneuvered more easily on the open roads. Even car accidents have even continued to decrease in number in places where there are several multi-story car parks built.