Love is one of the most important ingredients for a relationship. Having too much, not enough, terrible or dull love can slowly ruin your love life.

1. Foreplay

Taking time to kiss, caress or touch makes your partner feel like a person and not some love toy. This is the part where you let your hands, mouth and body show love to your partner. This can take the backseat in the throes of actual love, so remember to start lovemaking by making your partner feel loved.

2. Kissing

Kissing is not simply a foreplay move. You should intermittently kiss your partner as you make love. When the position allows, maintain eye contact and give your partner a kiss. This lets him/her know that you are in the moment and that you are totally turned on by them.

3. Play an active part

Don't forget, love is for the pleasure of both of you. One person should not do all the work while the other relax for whose session. Make sure you please your partner as much as they are pleasing you. Both should leave the experience feeling satiated.

4. After-cuddles

After love, couples should not simply turn around and go to sleep. Take a minute to hold each other and remind each other of your love. Love should be a way to express love between two people, not simply a pointless meeting of the genitals.