Love is one of the most fascinating aspects of life and this means a lot of people usually have interesting conclusions about how things work. 

There are new love ideas that turn out to be useful and old ideas that still stand true until today. There are also myths that people spend their lives wrongly believing. See five of them below.

1. Men think about love every seven seconds

If this were true, guys would get NOTHING done in their working day – because they’d be thinking about doing the dirty deed 514 times an hour.

But a study discovered that most people thought more about food, sleep, personal hygiene, social contact and even coffee more than love.

2. The bigger the feet, the bigger the love

The old adage of big feet, big pen!s is completely wrong – there is no correlation at all. In fact, if you want to check out a man’s likely size, you’d be better off looking at his index finger.

Research found that the shorter a man’s index finger is in relation to his ring finger, the longer his pen!s is likely to be. This is because both finger ratios and growth down below are affected by testosterone levels in the womb.

3. The bigger the d!ck, the better for her

Actually, men with smaller pen!ses may prove better lovers for one simple reason. The woman’s G-sp0t is only two inches inside the vag!na and, as it’s stimulated by the head, a shorter pen!s is more likely to hit the spot than a bigger one.

So now the less well-endowed members of the male race have something to boast about.

4. First time love leads to pain and bleeding for her

This is untrue for two reasons.
While some hymens break when women lose their virginity, others break through use of tampons, or certain exercises.

Secondly, the pain of first love is likely to be nerves and a tightening of the muscles caused by the anticipation of the pain.

5. Only men have wet dreams

While men are thought to have more “wet dreams” than women, 1986 study found that 36 per cent of women admitted having “nocturnal orgasms”.
These happen when blood rushes down to the genital area and not necessarily when you’re dreaming about love. The true number of women who climax in the night is not known, however, as it’s not quite as easy to tell as it is with men.