Doesn't matter if she's in a serious relationship or married. Compiled by Trend Pulse, here are 8 things women should never be apologetic about to anyone.

1. Having a Higher Salary Than Yours: Women make more money than you and your ego is bruised because of it. Women shouldn’t apologize for bringing home a fatter piece of bacon than you.

2. Success: Women can have a great career, a strong, loving family, and a great circle of friends. Life is good. They shouldn’t have to apologize for their success. They earned it.

3. Not wanting children: Not all women want children. The expectation that all women have the mother bug and love kids, crying during Pampers commercials, shouldn’t be. Women have the choice to have children or not.

4. Being alone: Sometimes we need our space. We don’t always want to be around people or even, be in a relationship (gasp).

5. Putting Yourself First: Yep, that’s right. I come first. Before boyfriend, even before family. But not before God. There’s nothing wrong with a woman focusing on her happiness and wellbeing. Sometimes it’s good to be selfish.

6. Your Preferences: All women are not the same. We are unique, imperfect, and beautiful, but we do not all think, act, or talk the same. We like what we like. That may be Oreos over Chips Ahoy. Football instead of basketball (any day). Different ideologies and beliefs.

7. Saying What’s On Your Mind: We’re going to tell it like it is. And we’re also going to tell you the truth and what we want, without having to tear you down. Have a problem with that?

8. Being Yourself: This is me. Take it or leave it. In fact, you don’t even have a choice. I do. And I love me, regardless of what you think.