benefits of using CBD oil

Whole world is talking about CBD (cannabidiol) and the benefits it bears, and the whole scientific community is focused on discovering the full benefit of this miraculous oil, but also many are focused on the risks and side effects it carries with its usage. But first things first, what is CBD and where does it come from?

CBD naturally occurs in cannabis plant, marijuana and hemp, and the first thing that probably comes on your mind is marijuana, and the psychoactive effect it might have on you. Well, relax, this oil although originates from marijuana and hemp, carries no psychoactive nor mind-altering effects. Cannabis plants are consisted of many cannabinoids, one is CBD, than there is CBG, CBN, and many more, and there is also THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is in fact a psychoactive compound which gives you the high-effect, and although it gives you this high-effect, it also carries a lot of benefits, but that is a whole other story. CBD gives you no high because it is solely extracted from the cannabis plant, but gives you a possible solution to many of your problems, and many people round the world can testify, and many studies can support their claim.

Let’s start with the benefits of CBD oil which are considered as well researched and proven to work (this list is long, but the focus is on the ones which are most useful):

  1. Chronic pain  whether the pain comes from an old injury, or some conditions you are suffering, and maybe caused by medications you are under, it is still pain, and when chronic, it can become unbearable and hard to manage every day normal living. Sure, you can use various opioids and pain killers, but you probably know the long term side effects (liver damage, cardiovascular damage, kidney damage), and probably worst, addiction! However, using CBD oil has been proven to reduce pain and reduce inflammation, and it does so by targeting your spinal cord and brain, blocking and reducing the pain, and long term even completely removing it! If you are looking for brand options, you can check CBD review portals like AllbestCBDoil for best cbd oil for pain.
  2. Treat epilepsy symptoms – a lot of people are hoping that CBD will solely be used to treat epilepsy, there are a lot of ongoing studies and they all look very promising. A CBD drug is approved by the FDA (Epidiolex), and it is being used as a medication for treatment of severe epilepsy. This all started in the early 21 century, when people started making their own cannabis oil with hopes to help their children who have been suffering epilepsy with hundreds of seizures monthly, or in severe cases even weekly. Even then, with no technology, with DIYS oil with no known percentage of CBD, all these brave people saw quick results. The number of seizures dropped down a lot, and gave a great signal to continue investigating. Today’s studies not only show that it works, but also came to conclusion that CBD has neuroprotective properties, protecting your brain during seizure!
  3. Treat anxiety and depression – CBD for depression helps many people overwhelmed by modern fast track living suffer one or two forms of anxiety (panic attacks, phobias, OCD, general anxiety), and the number of antidepressants prescribed is increasing daily, even in third world countries where living is more slow and stress-less. All these forms lead to depression, because pills don’t work, and that frustrates even more, and the side-effects are even worst, ranging from sickness to severe depression. CBD comes as a natural anti-depressant without all the negative side-effects, and with no real chance of overdose! This happens quite simple, there is an interaction between CBD and our endocannabinoid system, and targets the same receptors as conventional anxiety remedies do, leaving you to do your daily thing without anxiety or stress.
  4. Cancer? – Not raising your hopes up, nor trying to give you the wrong picture. A lot of studies are ongoing, many have already finished, and they all show results that CBD has anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects, decreasing cancer cells lifetime, reducing the size of cell, prohibits cell migration and cancer spreading, shrinks tumors and so on. Still, nobody will tell you that it can be used as a cancer remedy, at least not solely. But like many other supplements, CBD can greatly increase your chances of beating cancer, and help a lot with the side-effects of conventional cancer medications. And don’t lose hope, there is a lot more potential in cannabis plant extracts that we don’t know yet, but soon, real soon!
  5. Help patients with diabetes type 2 – the terrible life style and fast food diet increases our chance of contracting Diabetes type 2, obesity, office work, less exercise all do the same. CBD interacts with the liver in ways unbelievable, and although the studies were conducted on mice, they have shown 70% less chance to get diabetes, and the funny part is the studies were ongoing for Diabetes Type 1!
  6. Treat insomnia and sleeping disorders – lack of sleep has terrible consequences on your overall health, and the reason for sleep disorders are many and come in many shapes, and often your doctor will give you sleeping pills, giving you a bad quality sleep often mixed with morning hangover feeling. CBD so far has been proven to help you fight sleep apnea, nightmare related disorders, and sleep deprivation related to chronic pain and of course, insomnia. The mechanism is just like previously described, our endocannabinoid system is our sleep regulator, and when provoked by CBD works like a clock, giving you a good night sleep. Long-term usage of CBD has been proven to give best results, even to patients with severe stress induced insomnia.
  7. Alzheimer disease? – No cure has been found so far, although some studies conducted on mice show relatively good results, slowing the progress of the disease. Alzheimer is a serious disease, disconnecting the information between nerves, followed by memory loss, losing basic motoring function and losing one’s mind, without any cure or a way to slow it down. CBD gives hope to these unfortunate patients, as a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has shown. The study was conducted on mice, but the results have shown that there was a great reduce (somewhere even remove) of cognitive impairment and the mice memory has improved also. This is probably all thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties of CBD, but hopefully more studies will show similar results and give hope to many people round the world.
  8. Arthritis treatment – severe chronic pain followed by swollen joints and again without a cure, only medication to lessen the symptoms, but with huge side-effects. Now, there are medication which are CBD based, and the results are astonishing, lessening the pain and giving patients a more normal life, easing movement and hand control.

There are of course a lot more benefits from using CBD oil, however, these were the ones which are the most obvious! And the best thing is there are practically no side-effects, and the dose for over dose CBD is way more than a whole bottle, and then again, the side-effect would be diarrhea, or sickness, and lasts not more the couple of hours.