Affordable transcription services are beneficial to both companies and individuals because they can assist them in carrying out projects in a cost-effective manner. Do you have a series of focus groups or interviews coming up? Do you need to transfer ideas from your head to a computer? Using a transcription service that can help you convert audio to text efficiently and affordably will go a long way.

Transcribing audio files into accurate text with certified transcription is one of the best methods for getting things done, whether for personal use, such as putting together a meal plan, or for professional use, like transcribing conferences and meetings. Due to the emergence of the internet, there are many transcription services out there. But the problem is choosing the most effective for your needs. No matter what you need to be transcribed, there are affordable options that will save you time, energy, and valuable money.

How to choose transcription services The market offers many different transcription options, but which is the best?

While there are several factors to put into consideration, there are some fundamental aspects that can't be overlooked when searching for the right option, such as:
  • Fast and flexible turnaround times: Turnaround times can vary from a few hours to several days. But several days is likely not an option when you need a file transcribed for a client. You will need something quick yet precise. Most providers charge an additional rush fee, depending on how fast you want your work done.
  • Accuracy of results: You obviously will want an accurately transcribed work. You should go for a service that can cut through any noise in the background and deliver a highly accurate transcribed file.
  • Affordability: Cost-effective transcription services benefit individuals and businesses mindful of their budget limits. While speed and efficiency are essential, you should be sure to pay them appropriately. The perfect transcription option should combine top-notch speed with affordable prices to provide the most cost-effective transcription. 

Some popular transcription services include:

1. Go Transcript: This is a transcription company founded by Parker Corporation in 2006, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. It offers transcription services to clients and pays users to transcribe video and audio files into typed text. This platform uses humans (freelancers) to transcribe files, not an automatic speech recognition engine.

It divides files into separate sections for freelancers to transcribe them. It includes timestamps and details of each speaker during the process. The last step includes an additional proofreading pass. Your files are protected here because they use 2,048-bit SSL encryption and operate under NDA policies. Additionally, it allows you to delete your files at any time on your dashboard.

2. GMR Transcription: This company has been around since 2004, with its headquarters in California and offices in Florida, Georgia, and New York. They can transcribe and translate files in other languages, such as French and Spanish.

According to their website, they offer a range of opportunities, such as general transcription, medical transcription, and certified translation. It also employs freelancers to transcribe files for clients.

3. Audext: Rated as one of the best transcription companies globally, audio-to-text transcription service ensures clients receive high-quality transcribed files. It is an online text converter that automatically transcribes audio to text. After transcription, the user can edit the reader on the website.

During the editing process, words are linked to the exact audio moment. When a comment is clicked, the audio file will play from that same time. This platform can also identify different speakers, so the file is transcribed based on the speakers' speech. It is not possible to transcribe video files in Audext; it only deals with audio files.

Additionally, if there is background noise, such as music, it will not transcribe that file. Use cases:
  • Interview transcription: Journalists, press conferences, and podcasts
  • Students: For transcribing lecture notes
  • Voice memos and voice recordings from mobile phones (after transferring them to the computer)
  • Medical uses, such as for a psychologist
Selecting the exemplary transcription service for your project or business needs can take time and effort. You will want to ensure you get the best quality of work on time without overpaying. Although there are several needs for transcription services, such as capturing interviews or meetings, Audext does this in a timely, accurate, and cost-effective friendly way because it does not use freelancers to carry out transcription jobs. Once the audio file is loaded, it gets transcribed quickly.