Graduation Fabrication

Have you ever seen the movie Catch Me If You Can? If not, you should.

It's an inspirational movie for anyone who feels the traditional way of doing things is unnecessary. Frank Abagnale, a bright man, convinced various high-ranking individuals to give him jobs. He's intelligent, so he can perform each one reasonably well.

Part of his method was faking diplomas from various prestigious universities. If you're wondering about fake transcripts, whether they work, and how to get them, you've come to the right place.

Can I Really Get Fake Transcripts?

Yes, yes, you can. Acquiring a fake transcript is not an illegal act.

You can buy a fake transcript and diploma if you wish to. These are very convincing diplomas as well. You can't make them out to look precisely like any school you want, but they can do a very quality job.

At the same time, using the transcript to lie to an employer is sometimes illegal. The legality of your situation will depend on the state you're in and the job you're applying to.

You can get high school and college diplomas made for you. Look at some fake diploma samples to understand what we're discussing. Before you start and buy a fake certificate, there are some things you should consider. 

Inconsistencies May Exist

It's almost impossible to create a fake diploma that looks like one from a specific university or high school. Graduates' certificates are made independently, take a long time to construct, and you can't buy them online.

With that in mind, receiving an exact copy is out of the question. You should look over accurate documents of the school you're basing your diploma off of and check for any unusual images or lines to add for accuracy.

Being meticulous about detail will give you a massive boost in the authenticity of the diploma. At the same time, remember that the fake diploma will not be the same as the real deal. Don't rule the idea out altogether, though.

The transcripts are where you'll need to shine.

Most Employers Don't Look at Your Diploma

Diplomas are a reminder that a person has achieved something. That diploma will usually sit in a bedroom or disk forever. On the other hand, transcripts are details of specific successes and coursework that a person has taken.

Employers are more interested in seeing how well you did in school than they are in seeing your diploma. With that in mind, your diploma's minor inconsistencies won't end the world.

Ultimately, you have a good chance of getting by with a fake diploma. That is if your employer needs to be more thorough.

Do fake transcripts work?

According to Quora, there's little opportunity to fake a transcript because schools send them directly to the school you're applying to. However, some say fake transcripts can work if you find the right company. 

Here are some things to consider about fake transcripts:


Faking a transcript can be risky. BrightLink Prep recommends it only if you've lost your original copy and need a replacement.

Unofficial transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are printed on plain paper and don't have a college seal or registrar's signature. Most colleges won't accept unofficial transcripts from applicants.


Official transcripts often have signatures from officials that are hard to replicate. Counterfeiters often do a poor job of reproducing these signatures, making it easy to spot a fake transcript.

Reasons for ordering

Fake transcripts are commonly ordered for various reasons, but most commonly to get a job.

Helping you get by

A fake transcript can help you get by until you can order an official copy from your college or university. 

When You Could Use a Fake Diploma

There are a lot of instances in which you could succeed by using a fake diploma. Many mid-level jobs will ask that you have a college degree. In reality, the hiring committees for these positions only sometimes check with your college to verify that you actually went.

If you submit a copy of your transcripts, it will likely be enough to pass the test. Very seldom does an employer call your university or verify your attendance.

That is unless you are entering a job requiring prior experience. University is an opportunity for people to engage in internships, clubs, projects, and research that can all go on a resume.

Many jobs require that you have these things; if you don't, the competition will beat you. These extracurricular areas need an employer to give a phone call or send an email. If you apply for a more involved job, you might fail to pass the test.

That said, you can find thousands of jobs that would hire you without considering your diploma. You can use those jobs to gain the experience needed to get your dream job and achieve what you want without going to college. 

College Does Give Value, However

Many people say that the entirety of college is only a show to get a piece of paper. This is true in some cases.

Many students go through college and need help deriving value from it. Much of the value people receive is experiential and based on their personal development. 

This doesn't mean, however, that you are on an even plane if you have yet to attend college. A lot of valuable information is given in school that students must demonstrate knowledge of to graduate. You will often be interviewed by people who did well in college in the study area that your fake diploma is in.

This doesn't mean that you can't still get the job. You should do a lot of research and have a solid understanding of the position you're looking at before you interview. Your employer will soon find out if you need to know what you're doing.

Your lack of knowledge will eventually become clear, which is why you should do your research. The point of a fake diploma is to avoid the systemic issue of student loans and wasted time, not to fake your way through life.

Do your research on your own and prove to yourself that you didn't need higher education to get the knowledge. 

Looking for More Life Hacks?

Getting fake transcripts might be the ultimate life hack. You can always use a little more streamlining in your life, though, can't you?

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