Morel Mushrooms

Do you love mushrooms and want to try some distinctive flavors that rarely people get a chance to taste? If yes, here is some valuable information to read. Mushrooms are of numerous types that you can basically classify in two categories i.e. toxic & edible. At first look, no one can differentiate between toxic and edible mushrooms. Only an expert forager have skills to differentiate between good & bad. Some toxic mushrooms are so dangerous that they can become the reason of fatality. However, good mushrooms contain some rare nutrients & flavors that you cannot expect from anywhere else. One of the most amazing & rare mushrooms that you must try at least once in a lifetime. Scroll down to gain more information about morel mushrooms.

Morel Mushrooms

High nutrition value & mouthwatering taste, these two words are enough to explain MOrels. Most of you will say many dishes are nutritious & tasty, then what is so special about morels? The answer is, Morels are very rare mushrooms that you cannot grow artificially. Most of the mushrooms are easy to cultivate in artificial environments but morel is something different. It grows in tough hilly regions and you can find them only when the snow melts down and greenery cover area. This is the main reason why morels come in the category of most expensive mushrooms.

Texture & taste of Morels

Unlike most of the typical mushrooms, Morels have a honeycomb-like structure that can grow up to the size of your hand approximately. The outside of this mushroom has irregular patterns and it is hollow from inside. A Morel mushroom has a woody, earthy & nutty taste which is completely distinctive from the strong smell of other popular mushrooms. This mushroom contains a lot of nutrition including Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, folate, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, riboflavin & niacin. You cannot find so many nutrition in a single mushroom. Moreover, these mushrooms only grow in a natural environment which is totally free from chemicals and fertilizers.

How or where to find Morel Mushrooms?

If you want to buy Morel mushrooms, it is not as easy as any other edible product available in the local shop or supermarket. It is among the rarest species of mushroom that you can buy only when someone searches from the forest and get ready to sell as per your expected price. People who are professional searchers also give you morel mushroom hunting tips as a foraging trainer. Many agencies are currently providing the services of foraging experts. They arrange foraging trips into the wild where possibilities of finding your expected mushroom are higher. Along with Morel mushrooms, they also teach people to identify other species of mushroom and tips to differentiate from toxic species.

Advantages of becoming a Morel forager

A person expert in foraging can easily survive in the tough conditions of forests. Many videos of survival will be available online for teaching you skills, but practical experience of Morel mushroom hunting is something different.

Morels are among the most expensive species of mushrooms, therefore, you can consider it as a profitable side business. With just one successful foraging trip to the forest, you can earn enough to arrange enough to buy your favorite gadgets or organize an adventurous trip.

A hunt for Morel mushrooms can be your unique adventurous trip. It is really amazing to set up a camp into the wild, search for foraged food & enjoy the fire at night.

This information is enough to know everything about morel mushrooms. Whether you are a foodie or nature lover, morels can bring a change in your life. If money is burning a hole in your pocket, buy a few pounds of Morels or become a forager to find them in the wild.