Car Chassis
The vehicle chassis consists of a transmission system, a driving system, a steering system and a brake system. The function of the chassis is to support and install the automobile engine and its various components and assemblies, to form the overall shape of the automobile, and to receive the power of the engine to make the car move and ensure normal driving.

1. Driving system

The functions of the chassis driving system are: receiving the power of the power train, generating traction through the action of the driving wheel and the road surface, so that the car runs normally; bearing the total weight of the car and the reaction force of the ground; mitigating the impact of the uneven road surface on the vehicle body. Attenuate the vibration of the car while driving, maintain the ride smoothness; cooperate with the steering system to ensure the stability of the car. Common driving systems are wheeled, half-track, wheel-track and waterway, but the most widely used is obviously the wheeled driving system. The wheeled drive system is mainly composed of a frame, an axle, a suspension and wheels. You can get quality wheels at revwerks wheels.

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  • Through the adhesion between the wheel and the road surface, the torque transmitted from the drive train becomes the driving torque of the vehicle.
  • Support the total mass of the car, transfer the various forces and moments of the road surface acting on the wheel.
  • To mitigate the impact, reduce the vibration, to ensure the smooth ride of the car; the driving system also cooperates with the steering system to ensure the steering stability of the car

2. Transmission system

The power transmission device between the automobile engine and the drive wheels is called the drive train of the automobile. It should ensure that the car has the necessary traction and speed in various driving conditions, as well as the function of ensuring the coordination between the traction force and the vehicle speed, so that the car has good power and fuel economy; it should also ensure that the car can reverse, and The left and right drive wheels can accommodate differential speed requirements and enable power transfer to be smoothly combined or completely and quickly separated as needed. The drive train includes the clutch, transmission, drive shaft, final drive, differential and half shaft. The power transmission device between the automobile engine and the drive wheels is called the drive train of the automobile.

3. Steering system

When the car is driving, it is necessary to change its driving direction according to the driver's will, that is, the so-called car steering. In the case of a wheeled vehicle, the way to achieve steering of the vehicle is that the driver, through a set of mechanisms, deflects the wheels (steering wheels) on the steering axle (generally the front axle) of the vehicle by a certain angle with respect to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. When the car is traveling straight, the steering wheel is often subjected to the lateral interference force of the road surface, and the steering direction is automatically deflected. At this time, the driver can also use the mechanism to deflect the steering wheel in the opposite direction, thereby returning the car to the original traveling direction. This set of special mechanisms used to change or restore the direction of the car is called the car steering system (commonly known as the car steering system). Therefore, the function of the steering system of the car is to ensure that the car can be steered according to the driver's will. The steering system of the car is critical to the driving safety of the car, so the parts of the steering system of the car are called security pieces.

4. Brake system

A series of specialized devices that enable the speed of the car to be forced down. The brake system is mainly composed of a power supply device, a control device, a transmission device and a brake. In order to ensure the safe driving of the car and increase the average running speed of the car to improve the transportation productivity, a special brake mechanism is provided in various automobiles. Such a series of specialized devices is called a brake system. The main function of the brake system is to decelerate or even stop the running car, keep the speed of the downhill car stable, and keep the stopped car stationary.

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