old car look fresh

You might feel like your car is in need of a makeover. Time can take its toll on any vehicle and nobody likes driving around in something that doesn’t look its best. Obviously, you will want to make your car look as fresh as possible. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly make an old car look brand new. 

1. Wash it thoroughly

It might seem like the most obvious tip in the world, but washing your car is the absolute best way to make it shine. A quick lather and rinse won’t be enough to make it look gorgeous again. You need to really get your hands dirty. This means getting rid of all the different kinds of dirt that have accumulated on the outside and the inside of the car. Grime, dust, crumb, and upholstery stains need to be taken care of. 

A good shampooing might be just the thing your upholstery needs. It can make it look brand new while also removing any unpleasant smells. If it’s particularly damaged, you can buy some seat covers and floor mats, this will help keep it intact and safe from further damage. 

The true inside of the car shouldn’t be forgotten either. It wouldn’t hurt to look under the hood every once in a while. You need to take care of the corrosion and oil that potentially covers the engine. Check blazingauto.com to find the best car wax to make your vehicle shine like new. 

2. Consider replacements

Some parts of your car might not be as functional as they once were. This is something that commonly affects car lights and headlights. The older they get, the dimmer their light becomes. Not only do they become less useful at night, but they also don’t look as nice anymore. Freshening them up would improve the aesthetics of your car a lot more than you might think. Buy new interior lights for car.

Tires are another victim of wear and tear. New wheels are a staple of any fresh-looking vehicle. They could get expensive, though. If your tires are looking chipped or peeled, you can always just restore them instead. You’ll get a brand new look without having to replace all the tires with expensive alternatives. Adding some interesting rims could also contribute to the fresh look. 

3. Fix any damage

Every car encounters some form of damage every now and then. It’s not at all unusual for your vehicle to have some scratches, dents, and blemishes. However, neither cleaning nor a simple paint job will solve this issue, which means you need to repair it.

Dents attract a lot of negative attention, which is why you should focus on fixing them first. Nobody should get the wrong idea that you aren’t driving safely while you’re on the road. Use methods such as the suction method and the hot glue method. They can help you the tougher dents out. 

Surface-level scratches can be fixed with a bit of delicate painting, but you need to be careful to match the exact colour. You could always contact the manufacturer and find out if they are selling some of the original touch-up markers for the car’s colour. 

4. Give it some personal flair

Your car needs something to set it apart from the rest. Something that reflects your taste and shows that it really is your car. Some prints or decals could do the trick. If you come across a design that would make your car look awesome, all you need to do is bring an example to Octane Signage and they could create a print or wrap that fits just right.

Make sure that the design is tasteful and unique. You don’t want to be driving around town with decals that look just like everyone else’s. You could even make your own design to show off your creativity and taste. 

5. Improve the sound

Speakers aren’t exactly something people look at often, but they are an important aspect of your car’s overall aesthetic. It’s hard to call a car ‘fresh’ if it doesn’t have an adequate sound system. The factory default speakers that come with the vehicle probably aren’t all that great. Finding an upgrade won’t cost you all that much money. The type of speakers you choose to buy depends on your own tastes. If you want something that can blast bass-heavy music, you should get a system that includes a subwoofer, or you might need to add a sundown subwoofer separately! Just check out reviews before you buy to make sure you know what you're buying, you want it to last. You can be sure that passersby will notice the high-quality sound.  Consider buying a single din flip out screen, it's an amazing and interesting product.


Everyone wants to have their car looking fresh at all times, but very few people put in the amount of work necessary to achieve this. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what makes a cool-looking car, but some external knowledge could come in handy. Follow some of these examples and your car will look as gorgeous as the day you bought it. It might end up looking even better.