With the recent legalization of hemp derived CBD products in the United States, many people are eager to try this natural supplement. And who can blame them? Many people are providing anecdotal reports that CBD has helped them in many cases like migraines, diabetes and more. Studies on CBD and epilepsy have showed the most promise in humans and have been approved by the FDA.

But if you’re going to buy CBD, make sure it’s high quality CBD oil! And believe us, there’s a big difference between some of the products you see advertised online and store shelves. We’ll tell you how to spot the differences below in our short guide.

How to Get High Quality CBD Oil

Whether you’re looking to try CBD for the first time, or you are currently using it, it’s important that the oil you are consuming abides the highest standards.

What many tests have found is that CBD products that are being sold on the market either have mycotoxins, contaminants, or just don’t have the advertised CBD levels in their products.

An ABC network, WJLA, conducted a test on CBD products in California and found that 70% of hemp products sold in the United States are from China, and riddled with contaminants and incorrect potency levels.
High Quality CBD Oil

In order to get the best quality CBD oil, it’s important for consumers to look for hemp products that are organic, do not use any pesticides or GMO, and that use healthy oils, like MCT or coconut oil as a carrier. This would also mean that the products are vegan friendly.

In addition, it’s important for these products to be Made in the USA. Not only is this a source of pride, but it does allow for a better product, as stricter measures are usually taken.

And lastly, it can be extremely beneficial if the company that is providing the CBD oil is having their products tested by a third party lab. A third party lab is more likely to scrutinize a product, and reject it if it’s not found to meet the highest standards.

If you’re looking for a company or brand that lives up to all of the standards mentioned above, Balance CBD is a fantastic choice.
Balance CBD
This company has a wide array of CBD products, including edibles, pet products, topicals, suppositories, vape pens & catridges, and oil tinctures.

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, CBD products that are derived from the hemp plant are now legal for commercial production and sale. Interstate commerce is also allowed so if you want to buy CBD from a California company, but you reside in a different state, you’re still allowed to purchase it online and have it shipped to your door.
It’s one of those rare times where we can see a bipartisan bill passed, where both parties work together to create legislation, that’s signed by the President into law, that benefits every day Americans.