Tropical Vacation

Summer is here, but it is going to be over soon so you better take advantage of it while it lasts. A tropical vacation is a must have during this hot season. Whether you want to go with friends or take your family with you, plan quickly and head to a beautiful tropical destination so you can lie on the beach and get tanned. You can also take part in water sports and make your summer memorable. Just remember that summer won’t last forever.

If the word packing has got you confused because you don’t know what the ideal wardrobe for a tropical vacation is, then don’t worry because you are about to find out. You need to change your mind right now if you think bikinis are all you need for this trip because you won’t be spending all your time on the beach and you need clothes for other activities too.

Here is the list of things you should take with you on a tropical vacation if you want to look perfect throughout your vacation:


A sundress is perfect for various reasons on a tropical vacation. It is made of light-weight fabric and ideal for the hot weather. You can style a sundress accurately according to the way you want.

These loose-fitting dresses come in different patterns and designs. If you want your clothes to reflect the summer vibes, then you should go for the floral print. You don’t have to go through the hassle of picking out a t-shirt or blouse with a sundress, which saves a lot of time! 


A tropical vacation is incomplete without swimsuits, but it is 2019, and you should say goodbye to the typical bikinis that have been around since forever. There are so many styles of swimsuits today to choose from — take them on your vacation.

You can take a bunch of swimsuits with you is you plan to stay at the beach throughout! Show off your summer beach body and look fabulous!


You can’t just take swimsuits with you but not a coverup. When you visit a place near the beach, you can easily wear the coverup over your swimsuit. Once you head back to the beach, you can take off the coverup. Swim coverups also come in a lot of different designs. There are crochet coverups that you will fall in love with and never want to take away. If your coverup is fancy enough, you can even wear it to lunch.

If you don’t like coverups, you can simply use kaftans for the same purpose. You can wear them over your swimsuits and go everywhere in it. 

Crop Tops

Who can get through summer without crop tops? No one, right? That’s why they are perfect for a tropical vacation. They are an excellent mixture of comfort and style. And the best thing about them is they can be paired with everything from shorts to skirts. Depending on what you pair them with, you can wear them everywhere.

In case you want more style from your tops, you can pick a laced crop top or one with embellishments. No matter what you need them for, you can be sure that a crop top will never disappoint you. For your vacation, you must pack 3-4 crop tops so you can alternate between them.


Always take shorts on your summer getaway because they are the perfect partner of almost every clothing item in your bag. They go perfectly with a tank top or a crop top. You can also pair them with a swimsuit. A pair of comfy shorts never disappoint you.


Maybe shorts aren’t your thing, or the place where you are headed gets chilly at night, in either case, you must take along some pants — jeans are a must. You can pair them with a top and get ready in minutes. They can save you on days when you are running late for a dinner commitment and can’t go back to your resort to change.


Summer vacation is incomplete without maxi skirts. They look perfect with bikini tops and can be thrown over your swimsuit whenever you leave the beach for some other commitment. You can get short skirts if long ones aren’t your thing, but don’t forget to add one or two skirt in your bag before leaving for the vacation.

A Straw Brimmed Hat

On a tropical vacation, you must take all precautions to protect yourself from the sun. One of the best ways to keep your face safe from the dangerous rays of the sun is by wearing a straw brimmed hat. A perfect beach look is incomplete without a straw brimmed hat. They give off the strongest summer vibes and should not be left behind when you go on vacation.


Beach and sandals go hand in hand, but you can’t take typical sandals with you. You have to give up old trends this year and adopt the new style. You will kill the vibe of your dresses if you pick up boring sandals. Ankle strap sandals, slide on sandals, and metallic plaited sandals are few of the options available for you.


You should always protect your eyes from the sun, especially if you plan to stay out all day, and its rays are harsher. Shades, however, not only protect your eyes but also add to your style.


Wearing jewelry in summer can be a big no for some women, but sometimes it’s good to wear it at some events depending on your dress. Your tropical look will improve by manifolds when you add some cool jewelry to the mixture.

Now you know the essentials to complete your wardrobe for a tropical vacation. As long as you have these things in your wardrobe and sunscreen in your handbag, you are fully prepared for all summer holidays that come your way.