Re-Invent Your Wardrobe
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Your wardrobe is on the verge of facing a brutal avalanche, but you still hear yourself mumbling the same words everyday – I don’t have anything to wear. Even with staples, pastels and keepsakes, you avoid to dress yourself for something basic to a movie date.

While you might carry a pocketbook the size of a needle dropper, you certainly don’t want to crash your piggy bank or invade your overdrawn bank account for another shopping spree. Sales are tempting and you never know where you might get a bargain for half the price to begin with. Even though, there is a chance that most of your acquired bargains aren’t exactly meant to resolve your current wardrobe issues.

Reinventing your style might help you to go into tedious depths of your wardrobe, therefore, allowing you to wade through the mess you’ve processed towards storage. Mentioned below are 6 ways that may enable you to mix-and-match with the entirety of your wardrobe.

Add a Bit of Color

This does not mean that you get rid of neutral colors – grays, blacks and whites – because you never know when these staples might come in handy. However, you may have some colored clothing items hidden deep in your closet, so it’s time to take them out add a little bit of color to your daily monotone and neutral dressing.

The Altering Affair

There’s nothing like walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, or in this scenario, in your shoes handpicked for separate occasions and festivities. Since your wardrobe already consists of clothing that you’ve reserved for separate occasions, take a stroll through your closet and mix the most oblivious of all options.

Take your athletic gear to work at your office, or perhaps the luxe sweater or suede shoes that you’ve reserved for a night-time party to a morning affair. However, nobody’s telling you to show up to work in your sweatpants or go for breakfast in a svelte black dress.


Trainers – Vans, Canvas, Adidas, Nike or simply the plainest white sneakers that you can get your hands on – are perhaps the most versatile counterparts in this entity. Pair your trainers with pants at work or even under your net dress in the evening in case you want to throw away your suede heels for the time being.

Pair your trainers and sweatshirt with your dress pants for work. You can also throw a luxe, acrylic sweater – one that you’d been saving for a party – over a skirt or a pair of jeans along with a couple of sunglasses, a boxy hand bag and trainers to wear to work or an early morning affair.

Take Belts Onboard

Invest in belts of all shapes and sizes. If you’ve a number of maxi dresses, knee-length sundresses or shirts that are either flowy or shaped like ponchos, then you can experiment a number of styles by cladding a belt around your waist. This creates a loose look in addition to define your shape as well.

There are various types of belts available in different materials, such as leather, fabric, rubber etc. The type of belt you choose depends on your clothes. 

Style Your Shirts

Who says that shirts can be worn only in one style? You can wear one shirt in many different ways without anyone noticing that it’s the same shirt!

If you’re stuck with a plain button-down shirt and are clueless as to how you can style your look, then it’s time you took over the entire space in front of your mirror. Open the first two buttons of your button-down shirt and pull it down your shoulders to create an off-the-shoulder look. You can tuck in your t-shirts if you’re pairing them with a skirt. Roll up your sleeves and turn them inside out to show off your toned arms.

Be Open to Layering

Layering is a style that you’d actively partake in the winter by throwing your woolen outerwear over your cashmere sweater and a sweatshirt — summertime can also be open to the concept, if you can bear the heat. Take a look at your wardrobe and consider adding layers to your dresses or shirts to create completely different outfits.

For instance, if you think you can add a long sleeve turtle neck to a dress that either has short sleeves or none at all, then you can create two different outfits to wear at separate events, with different footwear.

Wear a denim jacket over a tank top, if you want to cover your arms. This way, no one will notice exactly which tank top you wore. Layering up has its advantages and even adds style to your look.


Another way to add to your wardrobe is to use all of your accessories – jewelry, bag, sunglasses, scarves and hats. If you’re too clueless or bored to think how you can strike change with your plaid shirts and distressed jeans, then be open to accessorizing every area you have. For instance, tuck your shirt in and throw in a scarf that’s been lying in your closet, and pair it with your wedges or trainers.

Wearing your cashmere sweater for the hundredth time? Throw in a statement necklace around your neck or perhaps change those shoes and go for a pair of suede shoes or wedges instead of your routine trainers. Also, change your hairstyle if you can. If you usually wear your hair long and leave them scattered around your shoulders, then tie them into a bun whenever you can get a chance to style a completely different look.

At times, all you need to do is enter into your closet and travel to Narnia to uncover clothing for recreation of reinvention of styles that had been long lost in hibernation. This helps us discover the clothes that we may have forgotten about completely. It saves us trips from running to the mall and overspending on clothes.

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