Compression Clothes

You’ve probably watched sports games and you spotted players wearing interesting garments that are tight-fitting under their jerseys or on their elbows, knees, etc. Well, those clothing garments belong to the compression clothing type of sportswear. Many NBA stars praise and swear by compression shirts, socks, undershorts and other garments. 

Many people still think that the only reason why people wear these garments is the one concerning aesthetics. But is that really the case? Maybe there are other benefits that compression clothes offer besides good looks? For example, doc socks help people suffering from diabetes or some other medical issues. Read on. 

Muscle soreness issue

Did you know that compression clothes can help you with muscle soreness? According to various studies, wearing compression garments helps with muscles soreness and fatigue. This effect doesn’t only apply to the workout sessions, it also works afterwards if you keep your compression garments on. Basically, it’s about the blood circulation. Due to the compression and increased heat, you boost your blood circulation. That way your muscles get ‘the fuel’ more often which helps with fatigue and soreness. Of course, you cannot eliminate soreness and fatigue completely but you will feel the effect, that’s for sure.

Recovery booster

Thanks to the compression feature, blood circulates better when you wear compression shirts, socks, undershorts, etc. However, did you know that exactly due to that higher blood pressure your muscles get rebuilt faster after exercising? Yes, that is the case. Healing broken muscle tissue and rebuilding muscles is easier with compression clothes. On top of that, the tightness these garments provide also helps with swelling. 

Flexibility booster

This is probably the reason why compression clothing garments are so popular among professional athletes. The reason why LeBron, Wade and many other pros wear compression clothing garments probably is its stretchiness. When a person exercises, there is a lot of movement involved. Sometimes you run, lift, squat and stretch. Compression clothes support every movement of yours but won’t hold you back. Remember, wearing loose clothes can be dangerous. There is no support for your joints or any other part of your body. The flexibility of this type of gear allows you to work out safely.

Sweat reliever

Compression clothes are mainly made out of polyester or similar materials. Nylon-like materials help with drying. We all sweat when we work out and you probably know too how much of a pain in the neck sweat can be. It can really slow a person down. And the harder the workout the more sweat you get. Compression clothes cannot repel all the liquid but they can lift it upward from the fabric. That way the sweat gets moved to the surface of the clothing in order to evaporate. Soaking in your own sweat is something that you probably don’t want. Especially if you work out in a gym where there are other people. The feeling is awful, it slows you down and everyone else can smell and see the sweat. Keep yourself as dry as possible, that’s what compression clothes help you with.

Comfort factor

We all know how important it is to feel comfortable while working out, right? Well, compression clothes can keep you comfortable while you work out by supporting your movement, keeping you dry and cool. Your performance is greatly affected by how comfortable you feel and when you consider that compression clothes can keep you dry, cool and free to move however you like, it’s obvious that you need to invest in it. Compression clothes prevent chafe and friction, too. When you feel this comfortable you can keep all your focus on the actual workout. Don’t let the sweat or irritation get in the way between you and your fitness goals. 


The best part about this whole article is the fact that these five benefits are not the only ones when it comes to wearing compression clothes. But, bottom line is, you now know why many superstar athletes always wear compression clothing garments during their games. LeBron, Wade, Curry and many other players that participate in other sports go for compression clothes and there is a good set of reasons behind that. Every percent matters when it comes to performance, why should you cut yourself short? If compression clothes can give you a boost, take it.

The Benefits of Compression Clothing: A Concise Look + Infographic
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