Kodi Exodus Alternative Trending in the Market

Exodus Kodi users have started finding alternatives for watching their favorite content due to the issues on the platform. Today, in this post, Technographx will inform you about the best Exodus Kodi alternative available in the market.

There are two groups of Exodus alternatives in which the first group is ‘Exodus forks’. They have the same core as that of Exodus, they look alike but might bring some different content. The other group is of the full-fledged Exodus alternatives. They bring their own UI and different kinds of functionalities. Let us have a look at them.

Best Exodus Alternatives: Forks



It is a newly released addon by a developer that goes by the name of Mr. Blamo. Mr. Blamo has been a highly active member of the Kodi community during the last year.

Placenta is somewhat different from Exodus. Though they share the same core there are other types of content as well with Placenta.

There are Kodi Bollywood Movies, documentaries, fitness-related videos, cartoons, movies, tv shows and more in Placenta. There are a number of links in it and the majority of them are working completely. 


After Exodus stopped working properly, there were numerous forks appearing similar to it but not all of them were equally good as compared to Exodus expect for Incursion.

It is very similar to its predecessor and many users who have used it consider it to be the favorite addon at the moment.

It has a very nice and user-friendly UI which brings movies and TV shows very smoothly. There is a nicely organized menu with numerous different options. There are a number of different options available for filtering so you can get what you want to see.



Covenant needs no introduction to seasoned Kodi users and everyone who had used Kodi might have heard the name of Covenant too. That’s why many users felt utterly disappointed to see Covenant disappear a while back.

But it didn’t take long for a new developer to take over and come up with a new fresh version of this movie-related addon. It brings a well-known main menu that splits the available content into different categories. Users are able to watch movies and TV shows and are also able to filter them in dozens of different ways.

It relies on a different online content provider so that you always find a working link on this platform. It is strongly recommended to use this Exodus Kodi alternative!

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising

It became a hugely popular addon right after Exodus disappeared. What’s interesting about this Neptune Rising is its developer’s dedication. The developers are pushing the regular updates and along with that new content is also pushed.

It is all about TV shows and movies. You will get to watch your favorite movie or tv show on it for sure. It organizes the available content in a different way. There are different movie categories on the main menu from where you can check the curated playlists.

Best Exodus Alternatives: Third-Party Add-ons

Now, let us have a look at the third-party add-ons. We have seen what the Exodus forks offer to us and now let us have a look at what the third-party add-ons have to offer.

The third-party add-ons serve the same kind of content but in a different way than Exodus. Let us have a look at them.


It is one of TechNadu’s recent discoveries. As the popular add-ons, like Exodus, do not work properly anymore, we all were in search of a viable alternative and we came across Midian which is an excellent addon.

There are documentaries, cartoons, and even anime in it apart from tv shows and movies. It serves the content to a wide range of audience and you will surely get what you want to see from it. It doesn’t have any issues currently which is a plus point.



Talking about Nemesis, it has been launched more than 4 million times since its release. It is a very popular addon and many people are using it currently. The reason behind its popularity is due to its offering of a wide range of content.

You won’t believe but there is a sports section too with this addon. The sports section features content related to boxing, NFL, and WWE, and other sports too. There are movies, TV shows, music, and cartoons too in it.

There is adult content too on this addon. If you are interested in audiobooks then this is the addon that you should go for as it contains that too. So, as we can see, it is a totally different addon which contains a lot of different content and that’s the reason behind its huge popularity.

So, here were the best Kodi Exodus alternatives that you can go with for watching your favorite tv shows, movies or any other content.