advertising balloons
advertising balloons

There’s a lot of advertising advice out there. That’s because there are tons of ways to advertise! From internet marketing to television commercials, billboards, and radio advertising, there is no end to the number of ways you can get people to notice your brand.

Just make sure you don’t forget the obvious—advertising outside your store!

No matter what your location, people are walking and driving by all the time. They may not know your Facebook page exists, but if you can get them to take a closer look at your building, they may just stop in the next time they’re on their way home from work.

Exactly how do you stand out and get people to notice your brick and mortar store? Here are a few ideas.

Use Balloons and Inflatables

Everyone loves an inflatable! There’s just something about a bouncy castle or an inflatable slide that brings back our childhoods.

Take advantage of that excitement and use an inflatable to promote your business. You could use an inflatable mascot or an oversized inflatable with your company’s name on it.

Don’t have the money or space for an oversized inflatable? Keep things simple with advertising balloons. Heavy-duty balloons will stand up to the weather better than traditional balloons, and they can be reused again and again.

Hang Wall Flags

Location is everything. It is important to choose your business’s location carefully, and for many, that means setting up shop in a square or other area where shop after shop is located right next door.

It’s great for foot traffic, and many businesses discover new customers that frequent other stores in the area. However, if you’re new, customers aren’t a given. Many people will walk right on by.

Make it easy for pedestrians to see your store by hanging a wall flag. They jut out from the wall, enabling walkers to see your store name and logo by looking forward, instead of having to crane their necks to see what’s inside your window. It may be just what you need to get noticed in a sea of shops.

Rethink Your Window Display
If you’ve got a few mannequins in the window, and that’s it, it’s time to rethink your window display.

If you want people to notice your store, you have to give them a reason to look. A great window display can do just that!

A few great window display ideas include:

  • Create themed displays for holidays like Valentine's day and July 4th
  • Surprise customers by placing unexpected objects in your display
  • Consider hanging things from the ceiling
  • Don't shy away from bold patterns and bright colours
  • Use lighting creatively, especially if your store is open at night
No matter how you choose to design your window display, make sure you change it out often. You may not have caught someone’s attention last week, but you may next week with a new display!

Move Your Advertising out of the Store

Signage on the outside of your store and the window display inside your store are great ways to attract customers inside, but you’re missing out on some great opportunities if you don’t think outside the footprint of your store.

Outdoor signs and displays that can be placed directly on the sidewalk or placed in the grass outside your location are an obvious answer, but there are some more creative ideas that can get you noticed.

For example, consider using sidewalk chalk to direct people straight to your door, or place a few advertising signs in the parking lot.

Repaint Your Building

It seems gray and tan are the go-to colours when it comes to retail buildings. That’s a bummer for businesses that want to stand apart from their competitors.

Instead of using drab, lifeless hues, use colour to your advantage. There are different colours that will evoke different emotions in your customers, but if nothing else, at least a bright blue building stands apart from the rest!

Have rules to follow when it comes to repainting the building? Consider repainting it anyway. Even if it’s not a bright colour, a fresh coat of paint always looks nicer than dull, weather-worn walls.

Don’t stand behind the counter for hours waiting for someone to stop into your store. Take an active approach online to get your brand noticed, but you should also take an active approach to get your store noticed. Try the tips on this list and you’ll boost your foot traffic in no time!