Leather bags Tocco Toscano Singapore

Owning a leather bag can be a prized possession; hence, spending a bit on this useful luxury item doesn't hurt. But the absolute horror sets in when, after choosing the most expensive style at a higher price, you have to bid goodbye to it five or six months later. Nothing can pinch more than losing a vital accessory like this.

But the sad part is you can't do much about it apart from disposing of it when you can see that the stitches have come out, the leather has developed prominent wrinkles, and the metallic parts have caught rust. That said, keep your optimism. It can happen with a seasoned buyer, too. So, instead of lamenting over your choice, find out what you can do to make your next purchase safe and prudent. Here are a few tips that men and women can practice while shopping for leather material in bags.

How do you select Leather bags from Tocco Toscano Singapore?

The leather bags come in many shapes, sizes, and colors with unique designs and patterns. Some stores even offer personalization opportunities to shoppers so that they can add their unique touch to the selection. While all these make a good point, make sure that when you explore your choices in branded products, you pay attention to a few of the details to be safe.

The material of the leather

If you look closely, some bags exhibit grainy texture, just like shoes and jackets. These materials are known for their long life and durability. Generally, cheaper quality materials or the ones that have been treated heavily need these features. Shoppers who cannot afford a costly choice can go with bonded leather bags. Made from leftover leather pieces, these are the lowest-grade products constructed using plastics and chemicals. They also smell a bit strong. Make sure to correct these for authentic leather.

The process of tanning

Typically, two tanning methods are adopted for leathers - chrome and vegetable. In chrome tanning, solid chemicals and chromium are used. These products take little time to get ready. About 90% of leather bags are prepared with this technique in the market, so you can avail of them for a lower price. Another process is eco-friendly, using natural materials, such as tree bark, for tanning.

In this context, the cowhides deserve mention, which is moisturized once again after the hair has been removed from the surface at a pre-tanning phase. The skin is separated into two sizes that are referred to as "sides." The sides are then dipped in tanning liquor for many weeks. Due to taking a long time to prepare, these leather items get excellent thickness and stiffness.

From this, you can determine which option will be best for you. If you choose leather bags from Tocco Toscano Singapore or other brands, you can pick a cowhide product without worry. These bags are durable as well as reliable.

The origin

The quality of a leather bag depends significantly on where it has been made. The US, France, Italy, and England are some of the top players in this category. If the roots of the bags go back to any of these countries, you can take a sigh of relief. These countries are pretty particular about their tanning process.

The hardware parts

Whether you buy online or offline, you need to be careful with the hardware parts of the bag, such as handles, buckles, strap fittings, locks, zippers, and metal rings.


Another way of measuring your choice is the size. Although everybody has their preference, you may want to buy a backpack for traveling purposes that only needs storing a few items, unlike a luggage bag. You can go with a leather briefcase for a business trip that requires carrying papers, electronic devices, and a few personal-use things. Duffel bags, laptop sleeves, and hobos are some other variations that can be useful for traveling needs. Apart from this, you can also choose a particular shape or size based on your lifestyle. If you are a person who likes to lug around most of the necessary items for daily use, then pick one that is sturdy and spacious at the same time.

Price range

Sticking to a famous brand is generally better because it will not compromise on quality for reputation reasons. Nowadays, most brands feature a variety of options covering a wide price range. No matter whether you can afford to pay more, check your budget and then look for a particular category.

So, these are some of the essential buying tips for leather bags, relevant to both men and women. If you plan to go shopping soon, keep these basic pointers in mind to avoid any future disappointments.