Effective Fat Burners Available

Different types of fat burners are all over the market. Unfortunately, too many people think that fat burners are a magic pill or drink that will shed fat and keep you lean. That’s hardly the case, so before purchasing a fat burner you want to make sure to buy one that actually burns fat and not just burns a hole in your wallet.

Fat burners do help to shed fat by changing the body chemistry. Basically, fat burners are categorized as six types, which we’ll introduce to you now.

  • Appetite suppressant: As its name suggests, this type suppresses your appetite so you eat less. Eventually, this will affect the amount of calories you consume daily. Clearly, any attempt to lose weight needs a person to eat less. According to LeanBean, these kinds of supplements are effective because fat burners are products which the manufacturer claims will burn fat, suppress your appetite, and boost your metabolism if taken in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. This is important because not only are you losing weight, but also staying healthy at the same time.
  • Fat blocker: A fat blocker might use an ingredient such as Chitosan which helps to absorb fat. Its function is to help in moving small amounts of fat through the colon without the body having a chance to absorb some of it.
  • Carbohydrate Blocker: These burners contain certain enzymes to disallow your body from digesting some of the carbs you eat throughout the day. This also leads to less consumption of calories.
  • Thermogenics: This supplement raises the body’s temperature. It expends more calories and increases your body’s metabolic rate.
  • Thyroid Regulators: The thyroid is a gland that regulates the body’s metabolism. A healthy thyroid increases our metabolism to help lose weight.
  • Cortisol Blocker: Our stress hormone is called the cortisol and it dictates how our fat is stored. This type of fat burner helps prevent some of the adverse effects that cortisol has on your body since stress is a factor of increased weight.

How to use fat burners properly

Like we said, fat burners don’t work magic on their own. But when coupled with a lifestyle change in diet and exercise, you will notice significant transformation. Here are some simple ways to use them to achieve optimal results:
  • Take you dose in the morning: Given that fat burners can contain as much as 200 to 250mg of caffeine, this can keep you up at night if taken any time after noon. So, it’s best to start taking your supplement early in the morning.
  • Use it during a plateau: People trying to lose weight often hit a plateau around the 4-6 week mark after starting their diet and exercise plan. We’ve all been there when the scale just doesn’t seem to budge. This is a good time to introduce a fat burning supplement into your diet. At this point, you can also change the type of food you’ve been eating, or modify your exercise routine.
  • Look for a caffeine or green tea extracts in supplements: These ingredients will help you the most. If you buy a product that has way too many other ingredients in it, it probably doesn’t have enough caffeine or green tea extract to help make a noticeable change. Also, too many ingredients in a supplement might mean there is something illegal in it. It’s important for every taker to notice this, but especially important for professional athletes to notice as an illegal substance can lead you to be tested positive for it. For others, you could wind up with a bad reaction towards it.

Follow instructions

Whichever type of supplement you choose, make sure to follow the instructions. Increasing the recommended dose will not speed up anything; on the contrary, it can be harmful. Use them wisely within a healthy and safe lifestyle for best results. When using them, make sure to drink a lot of water and get enough sleep and rest to reach your fitness goals.