Reduce Belly Fat

Does your own body embarrass you? Are you losing your self-confidence because of bulging belly fat? If yes, read on. There are quite a few reasons that add up to excess fat around your mid-section. Diet, levels of physical activity, and stress can all make an impact on your waistline. Ideally, you can manage your weight with the help of regular exercise and a proper diet.

But what if, due to your hectic routine and a busy schedule, you haven't had the strength and time to work out at all? Fret not, here are 8 effective ways to get rid of that spare tire, naturally.

Good Posture Proper posture not only tells a lot about the way you treat your body, but it can also help reduce excess belly fat.

The following are some ways you can correct your posture:
  • Stand straight with a slight distance between your feet
  • Ensure your knees are not bent
  • Raise your chest up and straighten out your back
  • Keep your chin up
  • Straighten your neck by tilting your head towards the ceiling
Work on Your Core Muscles A strong set of core muscles is necessary to help maintain proper posture. To make your core muscles strong, make it a routine to do some exercises targeting your pot belly twice at least a week.
  • Core muscles include
  • Lower abdominal region (transverse)
  • Rectus abdominis, also known as 6-pack muscles
  • Diaphragm muscles
  • Pelvic floor muscles
Deep muscles around your spine (the multifidus) Different kinds of physical training can contribute to the stabilizing and strengthening of core muscles, which consequently leads to the improvement in posture. Another benefit of these exercises is that they help sustain and build muscle mass, which also considerably helps in burning fat and achieving a healthier metabolism.

Some typical core stability and strength exercises include Swiss ball workouts, yoga, horseback riding, Pilates, and sports activities like skiing and surfing.

Manage Your Alcohol Intake 

One of the most essential factors in achieving a flat belly is reducing your alcohol intake. As soon as you cut it, you will see a noticeable difference in belly size. It’s often observed that avid drinkers have more bulging bellies than those who drink occasionally. Another drawback of consuming excess alcohol is overeating. When you drink alcohol in lieu of food you risk craving unhealthy meals more often.

So, the crux of the matter is, when alcohol takes over your metabolic queue, your metabolic rate slows down. Consequently, various research and studies indicate that when the bulk of your calories are alcohol-based, they are often stored as stubborn belly fat.

Drink More Water 

You can quickly rid yourself with that puffy and bloated feeling by managing your salt intake and consuming the right amount of water. The human body works well when there is a proper balance. So, if you don't help yourself in maintaining that right balance, your body will find its own way to manage salt and water levels through a process called osmosis. Let me cut to the chase — whenever your body feels like a puffy, bloated ball, increase water consumption and cut down your salt intake.

Control Portion Sizes 

You may not be aware of this fact, but food portion sizes leave an impact on your pot belly in two different ways. Let's break it down into two scenarios, short and long term.

In the first scenario, consuming food until your stomach reaches its saturation point, causes your belly to pop out a bit temporarily. But the good thing is, it is a momentary feeling. However, in the other scenario, binge eating contributes to excess fat storage. As a result, your belly slowly and gradually increases with time due to uncontrollable overeating. So, make sure you watch and limit the size of your food portions for every meal and pay attention to your body's cues. When your body tells you to stop – stop! By reducing your portion sizes by 75%, you'll no doubt reach those goals.

Additional dangers caused by belly bloat are hernias. In fact, we checked out Hernia repair NJ and found that obesity carries a severe risk of hernia formation. In case you feel your weight has led to the development of a hernia, book an appointment as soon as possible and get the surgery done.

Reduce Your Stress Levels 

Yes, that's true. If you minimize and manage your stress levels, you'll notice a smaller mid-section. When we take in unwanted stress, our body releases cortisol (a stress hormone responsible for releasing insulin in our blood.) This chemical process stores fat in your body and slows down fat burning. With a proper sleep routine, exercise schedule, and well-balanced diet, you can cut down on those cortisol levels and trim that belly.
Reduce Your Stress Levels

Consume More Fibre 

Fibre is something that takes longer to digest and gives you a fuller feeling, which automatically curbs your cravings for snacks and aid like Bio X4 nutritional supplements. According to experts, eating more high-fibre foods like summer vegetables and seasonal fruits can also prevent constipation and keeps your body clean of toxins.

Manage Carb Intake 

Reducing carbohydrates is not only vital in reducing belly fat, but it also helps curb insulin resistance.

Consuming too many sugary, processed, and refined carbs can trigger an insulin imbalance that leads to fat storage. Sadly, ageing also increases the threat of insulin resistance. This is one of the reasons why health professionals suggest that those over 40 should begin to track their carbohydrate intake. Another way to restrict insulin resistance is to balance out your proteins, carbs, and fats.

If you consume a rich carbohydrate-based diet without taking care of the right balance of fats and proteins, you will often feel the urge to eat simply because:
  • The meal you had was not filling enough and lacked essential elements like fats and proteins, which can affect the levels of blood sugar in your body.
  • Usually, the meals that are high in carbs get metabolized quickly, leaving you with a feeling of an empty stomach.
  • Due to rich carbohydrate content, your blood sugar levels temporarily get a boost, resulting in instant energy, but when that effect fades, you end up munching on something sugary or starchy to balance your blood sugar.
  • With these simple changes, you can make an impact on your waistline in no time.