Once upon a smile.

All smiles tell a story, do you know yours? Every day we smile at least 20 times, and each time we do, we get a tiny clue about who we are.

Ever wonder how long you’ll live for? Or if a divorce is likely to be in your future? You can learn a lot about who someone is, just by the way they choose to grin.

Is your smile big, or small? Big wide smiles can indicate a bright and happy future. While small reserved smiles might be clues as to rocky troubles that lay ahead.

Are you ready to learn more about what you're mouth is saying, even when you're not speaking? Read on to discover the story your smiling face is trying to tell you.

Your Smile and Friendship

When you smile at someone, even just for a second, you’re exposing a part of yourself. People will see you as being open, approachable, and generally happy. This means you'll be more likely to make new friends during your adventures out in the world.

Care Free Wide Smiles

Since the world isn't full of mind readers, people go off what they see to determine how you feel. Whether it's true or not, people associate wide smiles with being calm and content. If you have a big wide smile, you’re telling the world that you’re confident and carefree.

When someone is hesitant to smile, or only smiles a little bit, others may view them as being anxious, or uncertain about themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes confident people, smile less, because they are ashamed of their teeth. Luckily, with recent dentistry advancements, there are many safe ways to improve your smile in today's world.

Big Smiles and Long Lives

Another benefit of having a big smile is you might live longer. Yep, that’s right, smiling from ear to ear, could add years to your life. A study of 230 baseball players, found that the ones with big happy smiles lived 4.9 years longer than those with tiny smiles.

Pearly Whites and Romance

A psychology professor by the name of Matthew Hertenstein did a research study all about smiling. For his study, he looked at the facial expressions and smiles of individuals in the yearbook, and childhood photos.

Then Mr. Hertenstein followed up with the individuals in the photos to find out if they had ever gone through a divorce. His findings found that those who smiled the least amount had an increased chance of getting divorced. In fact, people who were reluctant to show off their pearly whites were 5 times more likely to get a divorce.

Shining Smiles

Now you know more about what your smile is trying to tell you. Here at The Edge Search, we love providing our readers with a one-stop shop, for quality information.

Learning what you’re smile is saying can be fun, but can also leave you wanting more. If you don’t feel like your smiling as brightly as you should be, or just want to shine, even more, we can help.

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