Oral Hygiene

Your teeth aren’t only for talking and chewing; they also play a significant role in your facial appearance. To look youthful and healthy, you need to pay attention to your oral hygiene. Here are 8 tips to achieve and maintain that perfect shiny smile.

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Watch What You Drink

It’s not just food that affects the appearance of your teeth; you also need to choose your beverages wisely. All those soft drinks and sodas speed up tooth decay. Avoid sugary drinks or use a straw when you drink them so the liquid goes straight into your throat and avoids your front teeth as much as possible. Also, try not to drink anything too hot or dark because both can stain your teeth. Opt for iced coffee instead of hot coffee to get that caffeine fix while keeping your teeth shiny!

Clean Your Tongue

Brushing your tongue will help fight the bacteria that build-up, which is essential for maintaining the health of your teeth and having sweet breath. Do it daily and use a tongue scraper because it is far more helpful on a tongue than a toothbrush.

Consult a Dentist

Sometimes tooth decay or an injury can get so bad that it cannot be healed. That’s where a professional informs you about the different ways to get around that. If you’ve lost your natural teeth, consulting a place like Fairy Meadow Dental can help you replace missing ones and restore your confidence. If you are older, you might even want to consider removable dentures. They can be custom-made so they resemble your natural smile. Getting dentures to fill the holes created by missing teeth will significantly improve your appearance and stop your facial muscles from sagging - making you look younger. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that you must visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth healthy, even if nothing is wrong.
Consult a Dentist

Replace Your Toothbrush Often

Taking care of your teeth means taking care of your toothbrush as well. You need to think about everything, from how you use it to store it. It is essential to rinse it properly after each brushing and then save it by leaving it in an upright position. Ensure that it has access to airflow while it’s drying - meaning that you don’t want to hide your wet toothbrush away in a container because then you are creating a moist environment where microorganisms thrive. Leave your toothbrush out in the open, and once you start to see the wear and tear, replace it so as not to allow it to collect too much bacteria. That should usually happen every two to three months.

Don’t Smoke

We all know how damaging smoking is to our health, but it’s also damaging to beauty. Avoid this obviously lousy habit if you want healthy gums and a pearly white smile.

Use Food to Clean Your Teeth

Firm and crisp foods clean your teeth by helping to remove the plaque that builds up. Some choices include apples, raw carrots, and, surprisingly, popcorn. They are all great alternatives when you can’t access a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can usually pick up most of these “first-aid” snacks at any corner store.
Clean Your Teeth

Baking Soda to the Rescue

Baking soda is known for removing stains and whitening most surfaces, even teeth. Try to incorporate it into your routine just as you would toothpaste, or use it as an alternative even. Just dip your toothbrush in some baking soda and brush.

Cheat a Little

Ladies are always allowed to cheat a little using makeup. Wearing lipstick with a red hue can make your teeth look whiter in comparison. On the other hand, light-colored lipstick tends to bring out any yellow in your smile, so try to avoid it on days you wish to look as shiny as possible.


Hopefully, these simple oral hygiene tips will help you adopt some new habits for the sake of a bright, confident smile.