Weed Etiquette

Excited about the spreading legalization of marijuana?

If you're jumping into the game late because you like to follow rules, then you should know that toking comes with rules of its own.

If you want to join in on this amazing lifestyle, then learn the ropes ahead of time. Keep reading to learn proper weed etiquette.

Come with Packing Material

Everybody ends up in a situation every now and then where people invite them to smoke on the spot and they have nothing to match. No worries, as long as you do not make this a habit.

If you meet people to hang out and smoke, come with something good to pack. Nobody wants to constantly put in for somebody who never contributes. Check out this dispensary for a quality contribution.

Pack some snacks too. Most people will not view this as a necessity, but it will make you an awesome addition to the circle.

Act Respectfully

Getting high does not excuse you from respecting the people around you. Ask house rules ahead of time and abide by them.

Upon arrival to another person's home, remove your shoes. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable asking, but you should not go stomping around with dirty feet.

Also, keep yourself under control. Enjoy the high but not at the expense of your company. Feel out the atmosphere and act accordingly.

Hard Pass when You're Sick

Many people enjoy the health benefits of cannabinoids. They will not appreciate you posing any type of health risk that counteracts the advantages.

If you feel sick at all, simply skip your turn in the circle. You can always explain that you do not feel well and roll your own little joint to join in on the fun without infecting everybody else.

No Pressure

If somebody hanging says that they do not smoke or don't want to for any reason, let it go. Do not peer pressure them into smoking.

Doing so will make people feel uncomfortable. Nobody should partake unless they want to.

Let Guests Go First

It does not matter if you supplied the weed. The stoner handbook says that your company smokes first.

Smoking should create good feelings and a sense of community. This simply shows that you respect your guests and appreciate their company.

To the Left

When passing a joint, always move to the left and stay in order. This easy to follow rule ensures that nobody gets skipped.

Suck in Your Spit

Prior to putting your mouth on any blunt, joint, or piece to pass, make sure your lips feel reasonably dry. You may not get invited back if you pass the joint soggy. Simply suck in any spit first and do not put the piece into your mouth.

Don't Hog It

Easiest rule ever: puff, puff, pass. Everybody wants a green hit, so also light a little green rather than torching the entire bowl.

Follow Weed Etiquette

Living the high life means enjoying yourself and following the rules of weed etiquette so others enjoy you too. Smoking should only create good vibes.

We want you to enjoy every experience! Check out our food blog to find the most delicious snacks to munch on.